Holy triple-pronged cardio assault of Doom, Batman, that was humbling!

After heavy back skwatts we rounded off with a brisk metcon to get the heart working: 10 mins on the spin bike, standing, 10 mins running, 10 mins skipping (double unders optional).

Looked easy enough on the board. Wasn't. Its been ages since I did a spin session. My word did my calves feel it after a few minutes... which set me up nicely for the rest. Oof.


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18 Replies

  • Holy broken bones batman!  I have no idea what a metcon is but it sounds painful 

    Well done Rig.  Bumps fist 😊

    I meant to ask.  If you ache after a session do you still do another one the following day.   My shoulders and upper arms ache today because of superman's with weights 😕

  • If i didn't ache when I woke up I would be worried I hadn't woken up.

    If I ache a lot in a particular area - shoulders for example, I will not work that area again for a couple of days. If a muscle is too sore to use with a degree of intensity there is not much to be gained working it, quite apart from anything else. But its that old chestnut of distinguishing between 'normal' soreness and 'warning' soreness. Although it may not sound like it often, I always err on the side of caution these days. I'd rather work a different body part or even (no! say it ain't so!) rest and recover quicker than work tired muscles. There will be thousands of training days, no need to force an extra one.

    So, do squats instead.

  • How very like me and yet not...

  • Hate to argue with you, but none of that looks easy :-).

  • I haven't got a clue what half of them are , but going by your previous Rig, I would assume that they are brutal !

    Yes, good point regarding normal  soreness and warning soreness. I guess we are all still trying to figure that one out :-)

    One of the guys who works with me does Crossfit, when he tells me about it , it always brings you to mind ha ha :-) xx

  • I always have to get the fitness word-a-saurus out when I read one of your workout posts Rig, so always educational, but just a little like one of those behind the cushion horror movies.  Can I come out yet?

  • I walked the dog instead.  It didn't help my aching shoulders much mind 😕 

    I could do some squats as I walk to the hairdressers and back later.  Folks'd think me pants were too tight 😊

  • Hey , don't you go splitting your kecks Wobble ! :-) xxx

  • Horror of horrors! 😊

  • 😁

  • splitting one's pants in the pursuit of exercise is a noble and worthy sacrifice, I will have you know.

  • Ha ha ! Yes ! and  we have the pics to prove it ha ha :-) xxx

  • Holy embrocation Rignold..that sounds amazing...err what's a metcon?

  • Sommat to do with the weather.  'appen as mebbe

  • Its Metabolic Conditioning, its very hardcore and definitely not for the faint hearted ! :-) xxx

  • Wow PP... you know so many things... I want to grow up to be just like you ! :)

  • Ha ha Floss, Google is my friend :-) xxx

  • Wow, only you Rig....

    Couch potato to some sort of super hero! Running has a lot to answer for.

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