The 'koi returns!

The 'koi returns!

Hello everybody!

Well, my 2 weeks in Hong Kong have been and gone. I had an absolutely wonderful time and upon arrival decided that running outside will be a bit of a challenge, given the poor air quality and humidity. So, I decided to give the treadmill a go.

The last time I stepped foot on a treadmill was about ten years ago, so I was a little nervous. I was also really not sure how the use the thing! Luckily it was fairly straight-forward. The treadmill is strategically placed facing the TV, so I could watch stuff whilst running. Annoyingly the TV wasn't playing ball, as all of the channels had a poor reception, so I had to just run for the first time staring at the wall ahead. As you can imagine, after 15 minutes I was bored to tears and stopped. I was also sweating buckets! Despite having the air conditioning on I was still super hot and sweaty. It made me appreciate battling the elements when I run outside in the UK - at least the wind has a cooling effect!

I ended up running about 4 times when I was in Hong Kong in total. The boyf does not do any cardio, but he does weights. So we decided that whilst one of us was working out, the other would be playing a video game on the TV, giving the other person something cool to watch, and then we'd swap over once the workout was complete. This made it a lot more fun, plus we could encourage each other for working out and for completing a particularly challenging map on the game.

I don't know whether it was because I was doing so much more activity than usual during the daytime, but I was struggling to get up to 5k on the treadmill. I think the closest I got was about 4.4k . Despite tinkering with the different modes on the A/C, I was still insanely hot and bothered, which I think was also affecting my performance. When I make my permanent move, I will buy a fan and dump it in front of the treadmill to give me a bit of extra staying power. I was logging my runs on RunKeeper, which said that I was covering the distance faster than I would normally. I think this may be because running on a treadmill obviously forces your body to maintain a constant speed, whereas running 'naturally' would have some variation - I imagine, anyway. I hope that sort of made sense? In any case, the treadmill will take some getting used to!!

I also went out for a run this morning. It was a bad idea as I was still a little dehydrated from the night before when I went out for a run. I was trying out a new location - a park a 20-minute walk from where I live. I'd seen beautiful photographs of it online and wanted to see it for myself. Long-story short, because I was dehydrated and not really feeling it, I gave up after only running a mile. I walked around the park for a bit afterwards though, taking lots of photos of the flowers. I think I would like to run this route again as it was beautiful, and lots of people were walking their dogs, too - and you all know how much I love dogs!!

Anyway. It's nice to be back more actively on this forum. I'm looking forward to reading all about everyone's parkrun's, graduation runs, and the newbies just starting out. Good luck to all of you!!

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10 Replies

  • Welcome back !

    Good to see you on here again, enjoy the great outdoors and the cooler temperatures ! :-) xxx

  • Oooh, I never thought I'd say it but I bloody love running in the cold! I'm going to make the most of it whilst I can! Thanks poppypug =]

  • 欢迎回来

    Huānyíng huílái

    I can imagine the boredom, about 20 mins is enough for me on a static exercise bike! 

    Did you notice the pollution when walking about? And is it evident by the colour of the sky? Hope you had a good relaxed holiday..😊

  • Urgh, it was excruciating! But luckily the video game thing sorted it out.

    There were a few very smoggy days during this visit, but also some very hot and sunny days where there was very little pollution. It is a bit disappointing when you just see smog slinking around the tops of buildings and mountains. Fortunately for me though I didn't notice anything different with my breathing, but then I don't suffer from asthma or the like =]

  • Welcome back! I adore Hong Kong, glad to hear you had a good trip. And yes, the treadmill does take some getting used to but you get used to it quickly too!

  • Thanks! That's really reassuring to know, I know I will miss running outdoors but I was beginning to enjoy the treadmill, too! =]

  • Welcome back ☺

  • Welcome back. Sounds like you had a lot of new experiences in Hong Kong. Enjoy getting back into outdoor running in cooler climes!

  • Hello You! Welcome home..missed you x

    Your holiday sounds interesting and your runs, even more so!  Lovely though, to get back to the old UK and such lovely flowers..beautiful!

    Looking forward to your posts.. I am making slooooow progress... but it is fun ... :)

  • Welcome back! Ugh, I really don't like the treadmill. Only way I can get through a long run is to listen to a play or comedy panel show to take my mind off it. Enjoy this spring weather back home!

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