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W7R1 Sluggish & Clockwatching!

I tried a different approach today. I usually have to walk about 6 minutes to get over the hill before I start running. Which means at about 4.30, I pause the app, walk a bit then restart it so we're in sync to start running at my checkpoint - I have this down to a tee!

But, when I went to pause the app, for some reason, it was already paused so it looked like I had another 4 minutes to walk! This would have messed up my Strava and my route so I abandoned the app, set my apple timer and started running. This made a massive difference! I was sluggish anyway - tired and hungry and still a bit stiff from Yoga on Sunday, but I found myself timer watching for a lot of it. It was amazing how many times I flipped between enjoying it and coming close to abandoning and walking home. I wonder if it made a difference not having Laura checking in but I thought I'd prefer running without interruptions.

I have no idea why I found this one tough, I think it was just one of those runs. A couple of days rest now and back out again on Thursday with a vengeance! 

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Don't give up your session because of the tech!  You can always salvage a run, just by stopping, getting your breath back and running on. No tech required.  

The next run will be fine. It always is. 


Another day..another run.. all part of this amazing running journey...Tough runs, make tough runners.. and you are out there proving it :)


Sometimes these runs crop up- tough runs that you just have to slog through. Sounds like you did well to dig deep and get it done! 


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