Wind problems!

Well, after the success of my parkrun on Saturday when I managed to run 5K in 33 mins todays 15 minute run should have been a piece of cake. I had not reckoned on the strong winds that were nearly impossible to run against, felt like I was standing still.  We had foolishly decided to run along the sea-front again - big mistake, it was even windier there so a quick change of plan was called for and instead we ran around the lake instead which was a bit more sheltered.  It was still a struggle though and I felt every one of those 15 mins, probably my least enjoyable run to date.  Still, onwards and upwards at least I know what I am capable of even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.


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7 Replies

  • It's tough trying to run in the wind but it's all good practice, and the extra effort will mean you burn more calories.  Every cloud an all that!  You might find though that when you turn a corner, and run down a side street etc, you can lose the wind entirely.  

    If it's a real strong gale then I would err on the side of caution and probably  not run as there's too much debris flying about, plus it's just too darned difficult if you have to fight to stay on your feet. 

  • Every single run builds fitness, increases our lung capacity and super tunes our hears, even the horrid plods do their work!  Running is so varied as I might be desperate for a run and have a terribly hard run that is not enjoyable.  Then I drag myself out early morning, feeling tired with a busy day ahead and feel like a gazelle!  All part of the fascination - I always feel accomplished even after a difficult one!!  Julie

  • Yes, I still feel better for having done it!

  • Battling against the wind is fun...sometimes...not going uphill though! 

    Your run sounds bracing! Lovely too... I can just taste that salty air :)

    I cycled to day and it was hard work going into the wind!

    You are so right, we never know what we are capable...until we do it! :)

  • Are you in the North West by any chance??  Blowing a hoolie here today.  I keep telling myself that running in the wind will make me fitter eventually but it's not working yet!  Well done for still getting out there, the wind has put me off today.

  • Yes I am in the North West, we were running near Lytham :)


  • It was so bad this morning!! Builtforcomfort I'm in the north west too, Crosby. I also ran along the front today as it's my favourite place to run but I really struggled to breathe and getting into a rhythm was impossible with all the gusting. Also picked up another calf strain but think it's unrelated. Equally frustrating though.

    Still, every mile adds up even the hard ones so keep going!

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