Snippet of the day...or people do the oddest things!

Maybe the last of the OldFloss snippets... Hooray you cry...

Our own Lovely Irish Princess is back this weekend and I am sure, she will be taking up the baton of Snippeting again. I did my best IP :)

I, as many of you know, am always looking around when I run... always ,and often see odd things...and sometimes, imagine I have seen odd things:)

So...this did appeal to me... How many of us have odd sightings that we could report? Please remember, this is a family show! :)


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20 Replies

  • Ha ha,  that 's funny 😊

  • Some great ones 😃

  • Ha nothing so interesting for me yet!  I did see someone sat on the edge of the beach with her head in her hands and I often wonder if she is ok, and whether I should have stopped to ask.  You never know whether people want you to interfere or not do you.  Every time I run that way I always think of her though, she did look so sad.

  • Oh really do not know what is for the best..hopefully she saw you run and it inspired her...🙂

  • Not odd but a couple of unusual things & both in the same place but at different times:

    1. Being offered a hymn sheet as I ran through the Easter service congregation down at the beach. (It's a tradition in my town, the service on the beach not me running through it)

    2. A lady practicing her dance steps, completely on her own & obviously in a world of her own. (I think it was a chachacha step btw) down at the beach.

  • That is brilliant.. did you sing as you ran through the crowd...? Isn't there one, There's a way before us, a race to run???  I am sure there is... !

    I think the lady dancing on the beach..wonderful! 

    Thanks for that :)

  • There is indeed. 

    There's another one called "Guide my feet" the first line is "Guide my feet while I run this race" 👼

  • Honestly ? That is brilliant! :)

  • I'm sure I saw a grey haired woman cycling naked through the woods one day:p

  • Well given one of the previous posts are you sure it wasn't  Oldfloss ???? 😆😆😆😅

  • Ooh yes.. was most certain.. she had a trail of pixcies and some sparkling wisdom behind her:)

  • That is soooo funny.! I do get pestered by Gremlins.. and am often away with the fairies... sooo, it could have been! :)

  • Thank you... I  was in a corn field and then a field of sunflowers... not woods! :)

  • Well maybe it was just a dream.. off being free:)

  • Hmmm. are you sure..had you had wine?

  • At the end of a too fast 5k (too fast for me, I mean), I saw the Virgin Mary calling me towards the light... XP

  • I was wondering where you were glad you didn't venture into the light.(just yet) 

  • Goodness...a case of Immaculate Imagination...:) 

    Glad you are back :)

  • Loved these, some hilarious ones - at the moment I am concentrating so much on my rubbish breathing and rubbish legs I could run past George Clooney without noticing - but maybe not a bull.

  • Ha ha! I agree..mind, I would run past George Clooney anyway... not my type.. I am always looking around... and the funniest thing i ever spotted was a chap having an early morning cigarette.. huddled by his side gate in his boxers!!! It was below freezing too!

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