Snippet of the day...maybe not for a nudity warning

Don't usually post a Snippet every day... not as good, as the Lovely Irish princess..but could not resist this.

It was triggered by boptillyoudrop49s post ' What are wearing for running this Summer ladies?'  I jokingly said, I was running nekkie!!! As she pointed out, we all did..once...probably away from sabre tooth tigers!

Then I thought, I bet there are some great folk out there who do this..hence the links.

Not sure if it is for me... although..I have cycled, au naturel in the beautiful Dordogne; and no...I am not posting my pikkies :)

Go them ! :) Running wild, running free! :)


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29 Replies

  • Oh look! The naked running is near me,  Am I tempted,  mmmmmmmm don't think so.   Not that confident with my body would love to be though it must be really liberating to just be free and happy and comfortable with your own skin.  At least running gets me the closest I have ever been with good body image, got to be a plus for running. 

  • Wow..well..I agree...I don't think it is for nudity does not appeal..happy to do my own thing..skinny dipping etc..but prefer without an audience. I like isolated coves or has to be spontaneous too...and warm!😉

  • Love it.....!!!

  • Different..and clearly enjoyed🙂

  • What is it with naturists and choosing the most wildly inappropriate activities to do naked? They forever seem to be either playing tennis, barbequing, walking round the chilled sections of supermarkets or doing archery. All of which are activities which I tend to do clothed, not out of prudery, but for simple self-protection/support reasons.

    And now Cross-country running... nettles, brambles, general running... Why?

  • Because they want to..

  • 'Arc-welding and Angle-grinding Au Naturel: a beginner's guide"

    "Nude Bee-keeping"

    "Appel à poil! - Naturist fencing for all!"

  • You are funny! What about a mention for the fast fading profession of Blacksmith in the buff!

  • I'm not sure i would be keen to buy from the nude Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker, for that matter.

  • Actually, now I think of it, we once had a bee-hive tampered with by a militant faction of a convention of lesbian nudists, or nudist lesbians, I forget which.

    Genuinely true story.

    I would seriously advise never tampering with beehives, but if you must, nude is definitely not the way to go, regardless of your orientation.

  • How on earth??? Actually no. I don't think I want to know..........🐝

  • Ooo I don't fancy cycling naked.  I like a bit of padding between my delicate nethers and a bicycle saddle!!!

  • There was padding..😏 it was warm,sunny, just me and the other people were harmed in the process🙂

  • Love the bit"if you are offended by social nudity please do not enter!" It sounds liberating! Would be something different I guess!😆

  • The first thing I thought was - no sports bra - ouch!

  • Apparently, in the write up.. the ladies, or some) did wear sports bras... I have an image in my head :)

  • There was a nudist dash at London Zoo last year to raise money for Tiger conservation. The protocol was for ladies to wear sports bras if needed. Not sure why I remember that :-)

  • :) Well..I cannot think why! 

    I did a Breast Cancer fundraiser Bra run..but it was at night...!

  • Isn't wearing shoes cheating?

  • My first thought was, no, it ain't happening. My second thought was why not? I've been to a nudist beach which felt more odd than liberating. One busty woman was running around playing badminton in front of us which I don't think could have been too comfortable. I've skinny dipped in lakes but running starkers in a crowd hasn't crossed my mind before. Would be ok without a clothed audience I suppose but if you're wearing a bra , sox and shoes, you're not naked, are you?

  • All sounded a little odd to me... as I said in another reply.. I like to do my own thing away from other folk.. why should they suffer :) The only public nudist beach I have swam from was Pednvounder beach in Cornwall. An unofficial nudist beach if you want to get your kit off, but you don't have to. it was a glorious spot, but all a tad surreal. I like my privacy! :)

  • So running shoes, a sports bra & nowt else....... the mind boggles.............

  • Ther'es an image!

  • Oh!🙂 Just no, Oldfloss! No, not for me☺️!

  • Me neither.. not my scene I don't think! :)

  • Me neither ! I know the human body is an amazing piece of machinery but some parts are best covered up , in my humble opinion of course :-)

    Whatever lifts yer skirt ! Ha ha :-) xxx

  • I can remember taking a bikini *off* due to embarrassment at a nudist beach and it was a great relief to have done so. I did get a very burned bottom though!

    It's the wearing shoes aspect of naturism I find personally offputting, and adding a sports bra would make it worse (insofar as I'd run with other people anyway) I feel a bit all or nothing about it as I am not especially fond of seeing midriffs or bare chests or vast amounts of cleavage come to that (did see some chaps on the Edges, recent variously climbing or running (could have made use of a sports bra) half naked. In all cases, my problem not theirs, they were going about their healthy business, not making a statement. I am not especially fond of seeing shiny tech fabrics in gruesome patterns or colours. Lots of cyclists round our way who clearly don't wear knickers under their lycra which disturbs me too. Again, my problem not theirs. Fundamentally I am just glad they are out there.

    I remember the runner chap at Sweatshop sorting me out with shoes shuddering with horror and admiration at my off road running.

  • For me, it is the, (of necessity) forced bit of it.. all together behind high hedges..sunburnt bits..painful! :)

  • "You will not be expected to strip off the minute you enter through the gates".

    Well that makes me feel so much more comfortable. Not. 😉

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