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Getting going again

My knees seem to be mending.  I tried w1r1 again and managed about half of it, still a bit sore but possible.  Tried to run on grass, round and round our retreat house garden.  More like very fast walking only felt like jogging by the end.  I did do the whole session, but walking for longer in between the runs, then iced when I got in.  I hope it will get easier!!  I' ll try again midweek. 

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Well done for your persistence! You'll get there!


I had a very close relationship with pain relieving cream for the first 2 weeks of the programme. I would apply some on my knees every night before going to bed because of the aching and soreness (plus I had an old, old injury that still used to hurt). As my knees got stronger I didn't need it more than once every few weeks. Hang in there.

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You will do it...if at first... slow and steady is the way... :)


I don't think I would run if my knees hurt. It could get nasty. 


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