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Have just started C25K and am one wk2 r2 later today. I have a question - my shins hurt when I am running and walking at the start of the runs but I've noticed when I got to run 7/8 on wk1 and the last 2 runs of wk2 r1 they started easing off. My daughter (non runner but gym addict) suggested they were arming up and thats why the pain was easier - could this be right and if so how do I warm them up quicker - I am doing the 5 min walk prior to running and wearing compression socks.


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Do you stretch? You definitely need to stretch after the run. There's debate about whether stretching before the run helps, but I've found it helps me. Sit on a chair with your legs raised straight(ish) in front of you, knees can be slightly bent, and bend your ankles up and down gently 8-10 times. You'll feel your shin muscles stretching. I had terrible shin pain for weeks 1 and 2 until I did this and then it eased off. It's also your muscles getting used to the work and getting stronger, which they will over the weeks. Good luck!

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