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New and enthused

Hi all from sunny Oz! I've hijacked the NHS as this site and the podcasts are so good! I've spent two weeks doing the wk1 runs and today I did the first of my wk2 runs.

It was hard but not impossible. I thought on the second last 90sec run that I was going to stop but I kept going and then was pleasantly surprised when the last one seemed easier...go figure ;)

I've started as I am very unfit and overweight (80kg in my terms, not sure what that is in stones) and want to be able to confidently get out more and enjoy life with the husband and kids. I hate feeling this sense of fear and loathing when they all want to go for a bike ride or play some basketball........

I haven't brought nay new gear. My old runners seem to be working ok and I just wear bike shorts and one of hubbys big T-shirts. Its a bit of a disguise given I feel highly self conscious as I huff and puff along!

Anyway, I've got very little social support (consequence of moving and then adopting a hermit lifestyle) so while I'm hopeful that will change, in the interim I'm going to use this blog site for my inspiration and also to vent if needed!

Goodluck to all and fingers crossed wk2 keeps going ok!

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Hi teeandtoast how are you......where abouts in oz are you, I am in SA and up to Week 8 of the podcasts, they are brilliant just so motivating. Good on you for joining up and Welcome. Good luck with W2 and dont forget to tell us how you are going with it. Nice to say hello.



Hi Pinkus! What part of SA are you?


Hi Gridlet I am in the western suburbs near the beach....were are you located...


I'm in Blackpool, a northern seaside resort in England, also near the beach! Not as nice as yours I expect!


Hello you! Welcome! First of all, a massive congratulations for finding and starting this programme! You will get loads of support on here, yes it's hard, but you can do it! Just stick with the programme and you will be fine. Keep posting and good luck!

I have two daughters in Australia, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Where are you?


Hi Teeandtoast, welcome and well done for getting started. I am sure with Laura to help you will achieve your goals. Lots of us are overweight, lifelong exercise-avoiders, and unfit, so you are not alone! The community on here is so supportive and encouraging and there's always someone who's shared your difficulties if you hit any problems. And we'll all cheer you on every step of the way.

Where are you? I lived in Adelaide for 2 years and Melbourne for 4, before returning to the UK. Bet you're having better weather than us! Soozz is what everyone called me at work in Melbourne!

Good luck with the programme. Stay in touch!

Sue x


Good luck, teaandtoast!!! Keep with it! I'm finally losing some of the loads too much weight I've acquired since first having kids eleven years ago!


Hi Teaandtoast,

I'm in Oz too, in WA. Congratulations on starting, that's always the biggest hurdle I reckon. I tried doing C25K a couple of years ago but the podcasts didn't give any support, it was just "run now" "walk now" type of stuff and I failed miserably on the first go because I was running way too fast.

Laura's podcasts are brlliant. Good luck


Hi teeandtoast, I'm not in Oz-a bit of an outsider here, lol!!

You will find the inspiration and the encouragement that you need on this blogsite. I have just Graduated and I will be honest that there were times when I thought I'd jack it in, but then my friends on here would say something, not necessarily to me, and it would get me going again. Lots of highs, and lots of lows!! I too am overweight, but am pleased to report a weight loss of 12lb-6kgs. Laura is just brilliant-you really feel she is there with you looking at you over your shoulder. I was sad when I finished the 9 weeks, as I thought that would be the last of Laura, but I'm pleased to say she is on Stepping Stones, so is there again to direct and encourage you.

One piece of advice-stick to the system! However outrageous or odd it may seem stick with it. It is all in the fine tuned plan, and they know what they are doing with this running business. It is not about speed, but about stamina and endurance-you'll hear that a lot from Laura. Therefore you do not, and are not expected, to run at speed, but at your own pace, no matter what everyone else says they are doing.

The best of luck-and just keep running!! :-) Oh, and don't forget we are all here and want to know how you're doing.

Colette xx

PS My sister, family and my hubby's sister and family are in Queensland-does that count? :-)


:-) :-) WELCOME! :-) :-)


Thanks guys!

Clearly I'm not the only aussie here! We're in Canberra now but have lived in Sydney and Melbourne previously.

I have to say Laura is so calm - like a couple of other people I'd tried some alternative C25ks but they had a different start (ie run for two minutes in your first ever run hmmmm maybe not!) or something just didn't feel right with the voice or music etc. These just seem to work for me!

Love hearing others stories, makes me feel that I can also do this!




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