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W6R2 - on hold

After completing W6R1 on Friday night I was due to do run 2 this morning.  However I consumed a lot of rich food yesterday along with red wine, consequently I was feeling rather sluggish and not in great shape for running this morning.  As the morning was my only option today and with it being a short gap from Friday night to this morning I figured an extra rest day could do no harm,. Inspired by reading about an old favourite walk in The Times yesterday around Marshside RSPB reserve I decided to do a 5K walk instead.

Lovely sunshine this morning and lots of people out with binoculars and cameras - must be some rare bird there at the moment.  It's times like these I feel lucky to have somewhere like this on my doorstep.  But the walk - wow, bring back the running!  I felt lame by the end.  Everything ached; groin, shins, ankles feet - what's that all about?!  I was ready for a sleep when I got home!  

So after years of walking, and only 6 months of this running malarkey, I can honestly say - walking?  Give me running any day!!  Roll on W6R2 😃

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Brilliant... well done you...the running is so addictive! 

When you cannot do it, it is horrid :(  But, when you Well done you... 

Onwards and upwards!!!!

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I alternate with walking and running (on work days at least). Means I get up at the same time every day and have no discussions with my gremlins. The walk is obviously shorter and takes a bit longer than the run, but I haven't noticed any difference in aches and pains. 

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