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So... songs..lyrics we get our inspiration from?


Rock? Pop.. disco.. ?  

I'm so excited about my nearing graduation (bit previous) but..

The thought of rocky theme tune is so appealing..

Would love a thread on this x

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Anything that mentions running or never giving up always spurs me on! 

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Joh2020

Florence + The machine - dog days are over is perfect.  Upbeat and mentions running.


Let's Get ready to Rhumble - Ant and Dec ! :-) xxx

The Jam keeps me going! 


Runaway by Bruno Mars is good. I have Amazon music and my husband tinkered with my running playlist (almost divorce territory!) and added Eye of the Tiger for a laugh. When it came on at the end of my 25 minute run I was less like Rocky and more like a wheezing jellyfish but it made me laugh. 


That's what I had playing as my final tune as I graduated. I also had tears streaming down my face as I ran the final meters. I created a running playlist with my favourite running theme tunes which I love. When I started running I ran to The Ministry Of Sound 70s Disco tunes which is a great CD (if you like disco!). 


Anything with a dash of "you can do it" for me eg roar, Katy Perry; shake it off, Taylor swift; glow, Ella Henderson...funnily enough I did resort to the rocky music yesterday 😊


I left my own tunes as a graduation gift to myself. No, indeed I bought 101 Running Songs as one of my discoveries along the C25K way was that running listening and listening at other times are not the same thing at all.

Although if you want to be sure of pacing yourself and not running out of puff I really recommend the BBC Radio 4 Gardener's Question Time podcasts. 

Noaky12Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

I quite like the radio 4 afternoon drama's myself ☺


I listen to some music when I'm running that I probably wouldn't otherwise but my current faves are:

Party rock anthem (LMFAO)

Gangnam style (PSY)

Jump in the line (Harry Belafonte)

54-46 was my number (toots & the maytals)

& not forgetting....

The Bluebell Polka (jimmy shand)

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Noaky12

not heard of most of these i am shocked at my lack of knowledge of the world of rock and pop ( must be getting old ) :)

of to do some research especially the bluebell polka :-)

Noaky12Graduate in reply to Nick_Buddha_12 

Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Noaky12

ahhhh -more innocent days :-)

thank you for the link

i can see why you run to it, it has a bouncy running beat

will i have to buy a kilt if i put it on my ipod ? :-)

Noaky12Graduate in reply to Nick_Buddha_12

Yes of course you will! Lol. There's actually a chap that does all of runs in a kilt (he does ultra's, marathons etc). Can't remember his name I'm afraid, there was an interview with him in one of the mags 

I actually run to a few Scottish Country dance tunes because of the beat.

I did alot of Scottish country dancing in my youth so it always brings a smile to my face ☺

sparky66Graduate in reply to Noaky12

Whaaa haaa oh noaky this has got to be a definite!! On my feel good ten min interval.. lol can just imagine trying a wee highland fling move.. well considering I'm a glasweigien it's just got to be in there!

Mr Blue Sky- ELO, Runnin' -Naughty Boy and Beyoncé, and for a 6 minute groovy rhythm Sunshine -David Guetta and Aviici ,Coldplay -Sky full of stars

Proper old skool Death Metal. All equally inspiring as the lyrics go:


Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to Rignold

i assume that is what passes for poetry with young people ;-) :-);-)

thanks for you post Rig you have sent me out of the door with a large smile

have a great day

It may lack a little in scantion, but pretty accurately nails how I feel when I am running.

I've got one of the Running songs compilations but was a bit put off by the first track that came on the other day when I was running - "I see you baby - shaking that ass!) Well it may be shaking but at least it is moving!


I don't usually listen to songs with lyrics as my go-to inspiration for running comes from big epic orchestral scores. But I do have Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising on my playlist and there are two lines there that make me smile and give me a little boost and if it's near the end of a run, perfectly describes how I feel!

"I know the end is coming soon" and "hope you are quite prepared to die".


Some good tunes there. Toots and the Maytals! Now you're talkin. I love a bit of ska and such like

Creedance!  Brilliant! I love em.  Baba O'Riley (The Who) can't fail to get anyone's feet moving.  One Republic's "When the Love Runs out", Kenny Loggins "Footloose"  is a good un. I adore Wilson Pickett "Land of a Thousand Dances"  You just have to try that one!

MarkyDGraduate in reply to misswobble

Another vote here for One Republic 'Love Runs Out'


Ahh wonderful..woke to a very mixed bag of insperation from you all :)  I think my graduation playlist will have to now become a tribute to this forum... 

Loads of your posts..wise words of encouragement and humour have kept me company along the way.. 

What better playlist for graduation than this.. Will begin work on it .. and post my final playlist...

 A new alternative to Laura's podcast? Thanks all x 

I've never really thought about this until last night when I was watching an NCIS compilation video on youtube, the song is called this is war (I think either that or 30 seconds to mars not sure which is the band title and which is the title of the song)

It sounds like a weird song to run to or to exercise to, but I listened to it for a few videos (as it's been used by quite a few people doing NCIS and NCIS:la compilation videos, it must have been the 4th or 5th time I listened to and it got me really raring to go for things like writing and exercising when it came to this bit in the song:

'It's the moment of truth, and the moment to lie,

The moment to live and the moment to die,

The moment to fight, the moment to fight

To fight, to fight, to fight!'

It was the last line that got me wanting to grab my writing books and write, write for my passion and to become an author but also it made me want to go out and run, and fight for what I love and fight for what I survived to do for my future,

Hope this makes sense, it did in my head but not always on paper though lol,

Take care and great idea to a thread :)

Siobhan x


My mother was a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and I grew up on bread and Queen... 

Noaky12Graduate in reply to secan

Queen!!!!! The best ever !!!!!!! 


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