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W6R1...outside again!

My poor treadmill is probably feeling abandoned by now!

After reading how tough week 6 is I was a little nervous about this run. This time I took my son, sister and Hubby with me for support. The first half went really well even with the wind blowing against us then Hubby decided to take us up half mile hill OMG! Well a third of the way up I somehow managed to shout 'why on earth would you bring me up here!' He could tell I was struggling so decided to turn us all round and go back the way we came...thank goodness! I really welcomed the next 3 minute walk and even picked up the pace on the last 5 minutes but I was glad when we finished! 

I still can't believe how much quicker the time goes running outside compared to running on a treadmill. Here's hoping the 25 minute run at the end of this week goes quicker than I expect it to! 

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Well done on completing it.  Avoid hills at all costs for now.  Maybe leave the hubby at home if his idea of helping is to get you running up hills :)

I'm waiting until noon for the wind to die down a bit and then I'll be doing the same run.


I'm just taking my son with me on Wednesday but I'll be on my own for the 25 minute run as they're all going on a lads holiday abroad this weekend. I would definitely avoid the wind if you can and good luck, it's not as bad a run as I thought it would be :) 


Sounds as though you are doing so well - week 6 can feel like a toughie so be strong mentally. You most definately can do run 3! 😀 Good luck!


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