Heart attack fear

Now I know this is the fear of the unknown but I have a huge fear of having a heart attack whilst out running.  Although I say out running at the moment I am doing it on a treadmill in the gym to make sure help is at hand.  There is no reason why I should and the couch to 5k is a steady easy programme to follow but I am just hoping that the more I run the fear of this will subside.  Anyway due to start week 2 day 1 today.  So here goes.


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  • Would it help to go to your GP explain your fear and ask them to give you a check over?  Logically you know that your fear is groundless, there is no reason you are more likely to have a heart attack while building up your fitness gradually as you do on the programme.  Perhaps as your fitness and stamina improve the fear will go away, don't let your worries deter you from carrying on, you are doing great! 

  • I don't know if you have had previous cardiac problems and of course if you have, then speak to your GP about this or any anxiety problems you may have. 

    But for info... I have had fairly major heart surgery in the past and I have completed the program and built up to a few Half Marathons over the past 18 months... with no issues at all... and yes my heart is really going some!

    If you do end up running in the middle of the countryside  (like I do) I always take my phone with me just in case issues arise, health or otherwise.

    All the best, I'm sure you'll be fine. Statistically, there is probably a higher chance of someone getting heart problems eating rubbish food, vegging on the sofa than by a raised heart rate doing exercise. :-) 

  • Hi, unless there is a medical reason for your fears ? Or family history  a trip to your docs should allay your fears 

    The program is about gradual increases each week building on the last :) it is scary at first but really dont worry follow the program and you will be just fine . 

    Good luck and keep posting with your progress :)

  • I understand where you are coming from on this one. Just starting week 4 and it's the breathlessness that nearly does me in every time, not necessarily my legs. I just hope that as my stamina increases so will my breathing pattern improve. Good luck it's actually great fun.

  • At age 70YO, I fully understand that I could have another 30 years left - or 5 minutes!!  I have seen quite a few friends and relatives die from Cancer - and a heart attack would suit me fine (provided it is a good one and not a half baked one! )  Sounds a bit flippant I know - but I will keep on running.  

    One day I will no longer be able to run - but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!!!

  • Any worries.. get yourself checked out.. well woman/man check at GP's..( not sure if you are F or M...:)  It will set your mind at rest.. if all well this will be fine! :)

  • I definitely understand your fears and have been a bit obsessive about checking my heart rate, but now I leave the heart rate monitor at home.  Have also been checked out by my GP and discussed with a couple of consultant colleagues at work and have been reassured.  Definitely worth discussing with your GP for reassurance but just take it slow and steady, and try not to worry (though that is easier said than done).

  • certainly check with GP if you have concerns or a pre-exisiting condition but in general doing C25k and running in general will improve your heart health.

    I have a heart condition (which i only found out about as aside effect of running, in fact, so another plus there), which is going to require OHS fairly shortly, but I do quite  alot of fairly vigorous exercise in the meanwhile, which my cardiologist says actually reduces the likelihood of my keeling over pre-op.

  • Maybe it would help to visit your GP and explain u r running and get ur heart checked out.  However, as a 52 year old woman previously very inactive, I have graduated and now run 2 X 5k a week and a 10k and I am fine.  In fact, I would say my heart and lungs are fitter and more active than ever before.  I have always run at a speed that is comfortable, have never experienced pains in my chest or felt I was over doing it.  Have you had any chest pains or a heart condition?

  • I agree with a lot that has been said, if in any doubt t is always reccomended to have a little chat with your GP.  They are usually great about it and very supportive, the outcome for them is a small chat with you now and then they aim to see you so much less in the future as you get fitter and healthier so they view it favourably.  The thing with anxiety is your fear could just be the only thing that is causing you to feel worry about your heart as just worrying about it will raise it and then you will run stressed and that will show in all your muscles especially your neck, so for the sake of your running it would be a good idea to put the worry to bed and start enjoying your runs. 

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