Well, that's more like it ...💦🏃🏻💦

After a 10k run which felt harder than usual on Friday, I really enjoyed my 5K pavement pounder early this morning! I haven't run before breakfast for a while but it was lovely to be out on the quiet of the local roads before most people were up and about (must run early more often). It did, of course, rain on me, but that's ok too when the run goes well! I so need my runs at the moment, they are such a sanctuary for me  (if that makes sense?) amidst a lot of emotional "stuff"!  Hope everyone else has also enjoyed their Easter runs. Sadly I didn't see the Easter bunny on my travels as featured in Irishprincess's morning video!!🐰

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  • Definitely makes sense, running is as good for the mind as the body

  • Early is good.. time to breathe and think and sort stuff in your head... I did similar this morning... 

    No Easter bunny on my route either :)

  • well done Sandra. I'm like you, when i make the effort to have an early run i love it but in general i'm an evening runner. I find the people i meet in the morning is always happier too than the end of day ones!!

    Glad its helping you cope with the hard stuff going on.  take care, love Ali x

    ps i didn't see a bunny either!

  • Thanks Ali. x

  • I love an early morning run- just sets you up for the day

  • Thanks Ullyrunner. Nice to see you back on here again☺

  • Good to hear it went well Sandra ! 

    Running is so good for the soul isn't it ? 

    Sorry to hear you're having a tough time . Big hugs ((( ))) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.x

  • I also like early morning run Sandra. Could not cope with anything after 9am. This running bug is really good

  • That sounds fab Sandra and I'm glad it helped to soothe your soul. I absolutely understand that. Running helps so much in sh**y times. Sorry you didn't see the Easter bunny though. Maybe he ate too many eggs and couldn't move much! 

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