Week three started!

Just back from week three run one and did it! Very proud of myself - it includes two THREE  minute runs which would have been utterly impossible a couple of weeks ago. Very very slowly though...  Had to laugh as " it's a beautiful day' was playing as I faced the rain and a strong head wind buffeting my face - glad of my layers and my hat and gloves! 

No five minute warm down walk though - just three minutes after the last run- so covered less distance than usual (less than two miles)  which surprised me. 

Roll on Easter Monday and run two! 

2 Replies

  • Yes... the songs do not match the weather..but hey, it's only rain!

    Slow is good... slower is better and slowest..well! :)

    Go you :)

  • When you are out running, every day is a beautiful day regardless to the weather. ;)

    Don't worry about how slow you go or the distance you cover; your only goal should be completing the run and you've done it. Well done!

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