DeliaItaly BSc Running, High Five!

Just back from my final run here in South London on a chilly, foggy morning. It was, in fact, one of my hardest runs, because of the incredible hills in the woods behind my brother's house, plus the numerous pitbull terriers prancing around. I was actually jumped upon by a labrador who decided to lick my face just when Laura was telling me I had run for 15 minutes. The owner remarked "he could see you were enjoying yourself so he decided to join in the fun!" Plus, there were no paths so I ran on the grass...muddy from the rain and not easy to handle...BUT... I am a graduate!

Thank you, thank you all, I could not have done this without the encouragement I have had from you all on here. Proper graduation post to follow, Delia xox


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56 Replies

  • Well done Delia!

    Look forward to reading the full post.

    It's amazing you are even encouraging dogs to join the C25K community!

    Had a nice salmon raviolli in my favourite italien in your honour last night - and hope it fuels me through the back end of W8!

  • Sure it will mo (if I may) pasta is not fattening and gives you loads of energy! Good luck on your last runs :-)

  • Yay congratulations! Hope you keep up the running and the blogging, I enjoy your posts.

  • I will indeed keep blogging -- I suffer from verbal diarrhea in case you haven't noticed! Congrats to you too, this is just the beginning!

  • Well done Delia! Where did you decide to run in the end? Hope you're enjoying it over here in the UK!

  • I ran in the stretch of woods behind Joe's house in Upper Warlingham. Very silly of me as there were no paths and just muddy grass and hilly inclines. Very tough going for me, but, I did it!

    Thanks a million xox

  • Welcome to South London Delia - such a lovely place to graduate!!! Where were you running out of interest?

    Big congratulations to you and well done on not letting the dogs deter you! I look forward to reading the story of your journey later.

    Sue x

  • I'm actually in Surrey - Upper Warlingham, but I call it London as I grew up near this area, Battersea and Streatham but went to school in Shirley, Surrey.

    Thank you Sue. I am perfectly aware that this is just the beginning!

  • Well done, Delia! You must be really happy :-)

  • Cheers Crafting and good luck to you too!

  • Well done DeliaItaly - I knew you'd do it!!

  • Thanks Spud!

  • Congratulations Delia! Delighted for you and looking forward to reading your graduation blog. You've done it! :)

  • Cheers Newbie!

  • Well done. South London is very dull and foggy this morning, I'm on the Kent/Surrey borders and the fog probably won't clear here, so when I get to go for my run at 4pm it'll probably be almost dark.

  • I know, I don't know how you do it running in this dark damp weather! On the other hand I get all nostalgic as I think of my long lost youth here! xox

  • Brilliant - I'll toast you excessively tonight! :-)

    Don't much like the sound of prancing pitbulls, you were quite brave there!

    Have a lovely weekend now and get your playlist organized - the music on Stamina and Speed is no better except for quite a nice bit about 10 minutes into one of them, think it must be Stamina. You need an 'own music' run to alternate with them!

    And now just bask in your achievement... :-)

  • Thank you dear Mitts!

    Enjoy your wining and dining, hugs delia xox

  • Congratulations, Delia, you are a true heroine! After all that time off with your broken wrist, you have shown huge determination and resilience as you got back into it and NOW YOU'RE A GRADUATE! I look forward to reading the full story on your graduation blog and to seeing your name with that magic little green badge beside it. Xxx big hugs.

  • Woohoo, you've got your lovely green badge!

  • Soozz, you are the true original heroine, not me! Thanks, I'm over the moon, unbe-bloody-lievable! xox

  • Well done Delia BSc Running, fantastic, am having a graduation celebration for you, woo hoo!

  • Super, thank you rolphie and good luck on your runs, delia

  • Congrats Delia well done, not tempted to stay in our lovely damp and mossy country then? Can't think why :-)

    Don't forget us all now you are all grown up!

  • I am a bit tempted actually... Forget you? You don't get rid of me that easily! Just wait for my graduation have no idea what happened between me and a treadmill in Harrods a couple of hours ago :-D

  • Yeah!! Well done! I'm so happy for you, and you deserve it so much! Congratulations, I was looking forward to your graduation almost as much as mine, good on you getting there through thick and thin, happy running!

  • Thank you dear Suki :-)

  • Well done Delia, you have done so well to graduate, I hope you feel really proud of yourself :-)

  • thank you

  • Hi Delia that's wonderful news, congratulations :-) Nice to see your shiny green badge. :-D Pat.

  • Thank you Pat!

  • What fabulous news, congratulations its been a hell of a journey, you must be smiling from ear to ear. And what a lovely badge :-) :-)

  • Phil, you were the first person to encourage me so your congrats are extra special! Cheers!

  • Well done. Typical that in the misty, damp UK you get to be accosted by friendly canines instead of a vista of attractive derrieres but hey, you got a lovely green badge to console you.

  • hahaha! Nice derrieres in belfast though... sorry lowering the tome again! Cheers Boudicca!

  • WoW! By the time I found this, you already have that pretty badge! Now how grand is that???? Bloody well done Miss Delia!!!!! :-) I am so very proud of you, words can't even begin to touch on how proud I am of all you have achieved to this point. :-) Such a wonderful, memorable grand run!!! Funny it was a lab running up and licking your face instead of one of those rugby players from last week! :-) I know you were frustrated with the wrist setback and I was disappointed you couldn't graduatew with us, but I am very happy to know you GRADUATED and you will continue on here!!!!! Blessings Delia! Go out and celebrate, you deserve it!!! Gayle

  • LOL! Naughty Gayle! Thank you so much, and this is just the start...:-)

  • Congratulations, Delia!! Superbly done!!!

    Broken bones, licking labradors and prancing know, you could have done this without all of the drama!!! :-) But then again, what fun would that have been???? Oh my, and let's not forget the rugby players!! :-)

    Congratulations again and enjoy that new "Graduate" badge!! You have most certainly earned it!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Well, that sort of reflects my life really, a string of hilarious messes, I never do anything 1, 2, 3 -- it's always gonna be 1, 2, 1, 0, 5, 7 etc. And thanks to you and Gayle for the great posts, delia xox

  • from my sofa with swollen ankle - well done and keep inspiring the under grads!! Marathon next? Go girl

  • Take as long as it takes with that ankle Lucy, the pavements aren't going anywhere, they'll still be there once your ankle is healed. Remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint. And yeah, I'm seriously considering runing the NYC half marathon for my 60th birthday in November 2013! Why not!

  • Well done, and thanks for all your great blogs! Can't wait to hear what you're going to be up to next ;)

  • Thank you TJ, don't worry, I'll be around as long as possible xox delia

  • Huge congratulations Delia!

    Your blogs have helped inspire me over the last few weeks and knowing that you and others have graduated really helps those of us who are still on the program(I'm a couple of wks behind you).

    Thanks for all your great posts and I hope you keep blogging on life as a grad.

  • Tahnk you Jemimatoo, the best of luck on the rest of the program and don't worry, you ain't got rid of me yet, xox delia

  • Congratulations, Delia! I'm so pleased to read this and happy for you :-) After all that time biding your time patiently (or not ;-)) while you broken wrist healed, you got back out there and completed what you started.

    Happy running!

  • Thank you Swan!

  • Well done you! I don't think I would have been able to do that final run with all the mud, hills and dogs. You are amazing :-)

  • Blush! Thank you so much dear vixiej :-)

  • Great stuff; well done you.

  • Cheers Ned!

  • Well done you, and I want to hear about Harrods and the treadmill. I've never run on a treadmill for fear of flying off the end of it but suppose if I were to make sure a stumble then Harrods is the best place to do it.

    I got my graduate badge the same day as you, wooooohooooooo. Aren't we clever.

    I know lot's of people are not fans of Stamina and nor was I on the first few attempts but now I've settled into it with my own little added extra run to take me to the 5km mark with I hope improved style.

    Can't really believe I am a proper runner now. Like you I am thinking of a next challenge. There's a nice half marathon in Barcelona - I lived there for almost 7 years and watched it many times, never imagined I would even consider attempting it. Maybe one day ;-)

  • Congratulations to you too chusan!

    I have posted two blogs -- one dedicated to Harrods -- but I have no idea where it is!

    Anyway, treadmill running is so hard. I just couldn't keep up with the tapis roulant below me :-D I did nearly fall off.

    I'm sincerely thinking of trying the NYC half marathon next year to celebrate my sixtieth! But before that I think I'll do some smaller ones like Firenze and Roma...we'll see. I am also thinking of oragnizing one here for C25Kers. We'll see ;-)

  • Wahay! Well done, Delia. And what a fitting place to run your graduation run. How's the arm? Viv x

  • Forgotten about it! Looks a bit skinnier than the other arm but who cares! xox delia

  • Excellent - it'll build up again in time.

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