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5x50 starts on Sunday

There are a few of us doing 5x50 this year are team name is HU/C25K-2016

I'm opting for 30mins every day. It sounds a lot but it honestly isn't as I intend to use the 50 days to work specifically on my stretches and Stregnth. So I will workout 30 min gentle stretches or a little walk and it won't interfere with my running too much then add in some Stregnth work and by the end of the 50 days I'm hoping to of really built up my body to complement my running. I am the sort of person who need a little push with stretches and Stregnth.

It's only £5 to join and goes to a good charity.

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I'm really looking forward to it; if I feel brave enough, I might begin in style with my first park run.

Come on, fellow C25K-ers, join the team! :)


Hi Realfoodieclub. I've joined the team, hope that's OK. I restarted c25k in Jan only to get a chronic chest infection at the end of wk2 :( I'm just about back to normal now, so I'm using the 5x50 30 mins a day to complete c25k and incorporate strength and flex - hopefully this will help my running long term.. 



Of course its OK, the more the merrier.  Welcome onboard. 


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