Hello from the North Woods

I am a 61-year-old Micmac and French child of the woods. I love to run! I also love animals and working outdoors. I am blessed with four equines.

I've enjoyed running throughout my life, but only began running in 5ks a few years ago. I was on lay-up this past year, healing a hamstring injury with the help of Jeffrey, our great physical therapist. I'm glad I "behaved", although not running for that time was frustrating. Now I'm working back into it and preparing for my first 4.5 mile run this coming Saturday.

For me, running is about having fun out in the fresh air, good exercise and maintaining good health -- a way of celebrating. I am a nurse and am frequently reminded to be thankful that I can run, and this is humbling. Three of my half-siblings have suffered from treatment-refractory adult onset diabetes, with disasterous consequences. I am determined to avoid that fate. My goal is to preserve my health and remain as lively as possible throughout my years.

"Run joyfully!"


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19 Replies

  • Love your post and agree entirely.

  • Kwe'! Thanks.

  • Run joyfully indeed! You have a wonderful attitude, running is so good for the head and our health. Where are you stationed out of?

  • I don't understand ~ not in the military.  I'm in New England.  But thanks - a good attitude helps a lot!   

  • Was just curious what part of the world you were in - I thought it might have been Quebec 

  • I'm sure I have relatives up there.  My father's family are from Newfoundland, Bay St. George.  

  • Run joyfully indeed - to maintain (or regain) our health both physical and mental!

  • Thank you. We will! I like to run joyfully too, and thank goodness that I am now able to thanks to C25k helping me to make the changes to my weight and health. It rocks!

    So glad that you overcame your injury and are now back to running. It's fantastic isn't it. I was injured much of last year and it was bad not being able to run but some folks have worse injuries than me, and you have to keep things in perspective don't you. I suppose being a nurse and a runner you'd know all about that

    There are some quite mature runners here, all hoping to be running into ripe old age and staying mobile.

  • Oh yeah!!! We surely do! :)

  • This is good to know!  I keep reminding myself that it doesn't matter how fast I am but rather, that I'm out there doing it and having a good time too.  

  • Hi. Pleased to know you!

    Your post is wonderful, I love your spirit and love of life, which shows in your words.

    Running for joy, is one of the most exhilarating and uplifting experiences, ever. I totally agree with your sentiments.

    Keep posting please?:)

  • Thanks for making me welcome!  I will indeed.  

  • Child of the woods.. lovely.. I might just think of myself as a child of the woods .. not that I can run again.. because I haven't ran since I was a child.. and there is a small wood I run through.. Will be a lovely thought... thankyou Djadams.. I will joyfully run in the woods :)

  • Now that I can run again..that should have read.. lol this child of the woods..is not very good with modern tech!

  • You're not alone in that; I don't even have a cell phone!  :)

  • Welcome to the board ! What a wonderful, uplifting post ! 

    I am so pleased that you found us and shall look forward to reading of your running adventures ! 

    Run joyfully ! - Sounds great to me , thank you and you too ! :-) xxx

  • Happy to be with you!  

  • "Runjoyfully" - that's nice, I like it. Love your idea of running as celebrating life. Felt so good out on my run yesterday, out amongst trees, birds, seeing sunlight (seriously!) reflecting on water and being around other runners and walkers just felt good. Running in the dark and cold of winter has other, less obvious charms but yep, I love my running too.

  • I'm happy to think of you out there!  Enjoy!

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