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Week 6- it's a bit deceptive!

I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I think I was lulled into a false sense of security after the high of 20 (yes, 20!) straight minutes in W5 R3. Today's first run of week 6 was much tougher than anticipated. I stuck it out but I can't say I loved it! Hey ho, onwards and upwards (although Laura will tell us off if we're too "bouncy" people!)

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If you do a search on here for W6R1 you will find the cheeky surprise of going back to intervals after the elation of the 20 continuous mins of 5/3 catches out about 98% of us. Luckily it seems to be a one-off. 6/3 will be... well, not "easier", but no "more harder" than normal progression.


As Rignold says...most of us have all experienced this..bit of a shock :)

As you say... onwards and upwards..

Well done!


I was anxious about week 6 because of everyone else's posts, but it's been ok for me so far. I just seem to have started enjoying the whole thing a lot more and I figure if my body didn't let me down for the epic W5R3 endurance, it's unlikely to let me down for less.

You keep going, you're doing really well (chasing my tail in fact, I'm only one run ahead!!).

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Thanks newbie_pam! I have two glorious weeks off work now so no excuse not to nail week 6 and 7! Good luck for the rest of the plan x


A lot of people have felt the same. Don't worry, you'll turn the corner and like it again. Just hang in there


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