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Having to have another rest day I think... after my fall on Saturday.. I have either pulled a muscle or cracked a rib.. I took some ibrufen yesterday but still quite painful.. if there is no improvement by tomorrow I will visit my GP.. gutted so want to go run today. Done a few light stretches yesterday tried to loosen it off.. tut still more annoyed I won't get out for my run :(


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  • Oh no, sorry to hear this.

    Hopefully it's nothing to serious and eases off soon.

  • Oh noooo I'm so sorry :( Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • Oh dear, I hope you'll feel better soon. These painkillers take quite some time to work, and for them to do so your muscles have to be at rest. Try doing nothing for a few days and see how it goes.

    A short break won't set you back. These things happen. I think we all come a cropper at some point. Chin up ☺

  • If you have cracked a rib you will need to take 6 weeks at least to let it heal properly. 9 if it is properly broken. You have my sympathies. I did it last year and it is pretty miserable. Not being able to lie down to sleep/waking up in pain every time I moved in my sleep was the worst part. After a few days I was quite beside myself from the combination of conastant pain and never getting any proper sleep. Go to the Dr to get a proper dose of codeine - ibuprofen is simply not going to cut it. It did zonk me put a bit but definitely made life much more tolerable. Pain went from a 9 to a 4 and I was able to function and sleep agan.

    DO NOT do stretches. You cannot loosed off a broken bone.

  • Thanks for advice Reinhold.. I may have just disturbed an old Injury. I had a cracked rib about a year asp.. and when I fell my hands went out to stop me.. I felt a pain Under my breast bone and so certain then it's been painful lifting my arm.. breathing deeply and yes just moving about as normal.. it didn't feel just as painful as last year..So hoping it's just bruised :( and won't be too long till I can excercise again..

  • Since not certain!

  • And rignold. Blooming spell check:(

  • Better get it checked out sparky. Hope it isn't as serious as a cracked rib.

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