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Music to run by

I have used the C25K+ podcasts and found them helpful. Stamina seemed to have the rhythms that worked best, but I found my parkrun time with its help was disappointingly slower than I had hoped. I've looked at the AudioFuel for further collections but I can't see any of their products that immediately appeal - mostly because of my ignorance of what would do the job. Has anyone any recommendations from their list or would it be better to look elsewhere?

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I use the Rock my Run app. You can either pay for it ($4.99 a month) and get playlists without interruptions where you can set the BPM you want to run to or get it to set the beat to your rhythm. But if you don't want to pay, there are loads of other playlists to choose from - some with a range of BPMs and others with fixed BPMs. I'm trying to increase my stamina, so I'm using one with 150 BPM at the moment, which at least ensures I get to the end of my longer runs without feeling totally knackered!


Thanks for the tip..just downloaded rock my run.. question though? Can it play along side c25k app?


I'm afraid I have no idea. My guess would be probably not because both have music in them? But I have to admit I haven't tried this.


you can play your own music with the app - just not with the podcasts

Reply is a site that give ideas from a lot of genres. Just type in the pace per km you want and it will throw up a load of tracks that play to that particular bpm, might give you some ideas of tracks to run to?


Thanks will look at it.


Have you tried running without music?

I've done it since my very recent graduation and I'm loving it...


I have done so but I have found that some tracks can push me along with a bit more determination to stop thinking about walking for a stretch.


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