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W4 Run 1....and it was just fine!!!

After waking at half 2, dropping husband off for his week long trip, grabbed a nap after the GP and as soon as I woke, got dressed and went for it!

The first 5 minute run got tough for the last minute, but in the 2nd run something happened, like the pace was good, breathing good, mind games behaving, and with destiny's child bootylicious booming I blooming well done it!

I'm quite chuffed. 😀

For my next run I'll take the advice given to wake early and do run 2 and 3 early morning.

Happy Sunday everyone 😊

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I had a similar run today, we are doing ours through a running group over 12 weeks so slightly different here and there but todays run wk 4 r3 was 2 x 5 mins with 3 mins recovery. The first run was awful, didn't help that it was up a fairly steep hill, breathing all over the place and leaden legs. Running with my 17 year old daughter who was speeding ahead of me which made me feel even more despondent. Anyway I did it and the second run was much better, breathing was under control and I felt I could have carried on a bit longer. Our week 5 starts with 2 x 2 min then a 10 minute run so that should be interesting!


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