First ParkRun!

I finished C25K on Thursday and have been feeling the high since then. Last night I decided that I should try a ParkRun today as I now know I can run 5k so why not try. I don't normally like getting up early at the weekend but I had the added incentive today as I know I'll be too hungover after a night of drinking to run tomorrow. I made it to the ParkRun and was surprised to see so many people there. There are lots of crazy people out there!

I achieved my best 5k time (I've only run 3!) of 31:48 which means I've cut my time by nearly 3 minutes since Tuesday and i'm running at a 10:14 pace. My first mile was way too fast as I've never run around other runners before and I didn't manage my pace very well but I soon got into the groove and really enjoyed myself. I definitely want to go back to more now and the atmosphere was great. Over the next few weeks I'll be aiming to get my pace down to that magic 9:40 and then I'll start upping my distance. Hopefully the running bug won't go away!

3 Replies

  • What is that magic 9.40?

  • The pace that will get me a sub-30 run. I think it's doable if I keep pushing

  • That's a great time!

    I always run faster at a parkrun - tho not as fast as you!

    Sounds like you're hooked already

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