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Core Training and 'fitness Blender' and smartphone apps

Hi all

When I first started my c210 K six weeks ago or so, my core, principally my lower back was at times painful. Whilst it has improved, it is at time s(such as now) still tender, and I have to be careful how I sit.

But running is not an issue for the most part.

So I clearly need to work on my core & lower back.

Browsing YouTube I have come across various personal Trainer style videos, many of which seem to be sensibly timed (in terms of duration) and ability.

So I am intending to start using them.

But I was curious; has anyone else tried them?

Yours curiously


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Fitness Blender is good. Millionaire Hoy is very good.

If you have lowe back issues check out a guy called Stuart McGill.

In the first instance though just doing the real basics like plank and situp/crunch variants and kettlebell swings will do wonders for your core. WHwn you can plank for 2 minutes, you are on teh way to havig adequate core strength.

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