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Starting again - 2nd time round

Well here I go again. Last time I was on week 7 and took a fall while out it turned out that I had badly sprained my ankle and damaged shoulder joint.

That was 6 weeks ago so thought I would start at week 1 and see how my ankle copes.

All I can say is that it was hard - I have definitely lost my fitness- ankle is sore and a bit swollen- but it was so nice to be out again.

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Take it slow and steady and you'll be fine - the weeks will fly by -

Good luck


As neverrunmum mentioned, start at week one and just take a steady pace. I am sure that after a week or two, what fitness improvements you had made previously will start to kick in.

If your ankle is a tad tender for a while just repeat week1 until it feels stronger to progress.

After all being out there exercising, whether walking, jogging or a mixture of both is better than sitting on the couch!! :)



Go your ankle supported ? make sure it is and take it steady, slow and slow and slower, is really good :)

Keep posting.. and you will be back at Week 7 and beyond before you know it :)


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