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Rest days

Hiya my first post here can't believe I'm starting week 4 on Monday!! Week 3 was tough!! I've been working with a physio to build muscle strength after knee problems and this plan is working so well!!

Just wondering if anyone here also cycles? Do you find it works out OK to cycle on your jogging rest days? Any experience would be great! I want to start bringing cycling back in now ready for the nicer weather 🙂

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Been using a static cycle on rest days and will dust off the road bike as weather improves..


Oh cool thanks! Do you find its alright? Do you mind if I ask how long you do? I guess I will build up gradually!


Yep.. cycling is fine..

Whist we've have been away in our tin tent, I have done two runs this week and cycled the day before one and the day after one...about ten to twelve miles each day. ( Got the bikes out of their winter quarters to take with us. )

Was a bit chilly..but exhilarating...and if I am calves did ache a tad this morning, when I ran. ( But, I am 65 shhhhh! ..not supposed to mention that).

Just follow the programme and keep it slow and steady. I also did the linked Strength and Flex exercise on non run days too over the winter months up to my Graduation.. they were useful!


Yes. Cycling is good for the knee as it strengthens the quads which help support the knee. Apparently it's the best cross training for runners as it uses different muscles so go for it!

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I cycled very briefly earlier in the week as a warm up before resistance training. I was surprised at how much my quads burned! I thought it'd be easy since I was running. Boy was I wrong.


Brilliant!! Thanks everyone can't wait now! I'm going away soon and they're talking of hiring bikes so totally want to build these muscles up 🙂


Not cycling but I row on a machine for 45 mins on the days I'm not running and that works well.

I try to have one day a week when I don't do either but sometimes the urge to skip the rest day wins and I don't bother with it.

As long as your not in pain or nursing an injury crack on 😀



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