Quick update and the dreaded lycra pic!!

Quick update and the dreaded lycra pic!!

Well after a number of requests I thought I better post the lycra pic. Many apologies. Lol Taken this morning after the Huddersfield park run. With a pic taken last June for reference.

Been full of cold and have a chesty cough this week so left the plan 5 to 10k plan alone and have managed to get out 3 times "free running" including this mornings park run. Struggled a bit on Monday but managed my longest run in terms of distance and time on Wednesday evening. Managed 6k in about 44 minutes.

Lovely morning for the park run today still coughing a lot but thought why not, just take it slow. Went off a bit quick though but managed to get round without having to resort to a walk at all. Surprised to beat my pb too by 50 seconds. Havent go the official time yet but my watch timed me at 31min 25 secs. So pleased with that.

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather and getting out there.


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  • Wow, you look amazing!

  • Hi Rob,

    What an inspiration you are! You look fantastic. I too am losing weight with my running. I am now at my lowest weigh so far for about 20 years so understand where you're at!

    Well done Rob, superb progress!

    Elsie xxx

  • Sorry Andy I called you Rob...........durrrrr! Well done again ANDY!!!!!! xxxx

  • Don't worry Elsie, I've been called worse. Lol x

  • Goodness me, what a difference ! You've put in some seriously hard work there Andy, very well done.

  • What a transformation! You look fantastic. Hoping to make similar progress.

  • Time to change the username Andy! You must feel so proud of what you have achieved. Wearing that lycra with pride! Well done๐Ÿ˜€.

  • WOW... what a transformation :-)

    Well done Andy!

  • Great work Andy just shows you what hard work can do , looking good dude !

  • Wow again! That is an impressive transformation indeed.

    And running tights without shorts over... a bold fashion statement.

  • That's not the same man! You're pulling our leg ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Not Big-Andy any more! That is really amazing. You must feel so much better and fitter. Sometimes it takes pictures like this to remind us how far we've come (or how far we still have to go!).

  • Amazing ! Well done on such a turnaround !

    Bet you feel loads better too ! :-) xxx

  • Hi Chris, don't mean to jump in someone else's post but how are you? Have you been running lately as I haven't seen you on connect, or are you on the IC? ๐Ÿค” xxx

  • I was going to ask the same thing.. hope you're OK xx

  • Aw thanks Curly , I'm fine :-) xxx

  • Hi Frank ! Yes I am fine thankyou ! And you ?

    I have been out running but had problems with my Garmin -Pah !

    Hopefully will be resolved soon :-) xxx

  • Yes I'm ok, mind you I could do with being 40 years younger! If only "ha ha" ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great stuff Andy, you must be over the moon. Keep up the good work and happy running.

  • Inspirational... this is fantastic...

    Andy...incredible, what an achievement and still going strong!

    I agree, that you should change your user name...maybe Blue streak!

    Well done on your run and your bravery in putting that pikkie up!!! :)

  • What an amazing achievement. You must feel very proud x

  • You look as if you were born to wear that Lycra Andy. Suits you sir and you've done a fabulous job in losing that weight. A brilliant achievement .

  • Amazing result. You must be delighted. You look great. Yes & definately time to change that username I'd say! xโ˜บ

  • Respect... well done... think this running lark works then ? :-)

  • Absolutely, mixture of slimming world and running has given me a near 6st loss

  • You look great! It's not easy...kudos to you!

  • Well done Andy,awesome achievement,hope cold disappears soon

  • You look brilliant! Well done. You are an inspiration to those of us starting out! And hope the cough improves soon!

  • Really well done Andy. It takes more than just running to loose weight, you've got to watch what you eat too ofcourse. Clearly you have done just that. It's not easy at all and you have done amazingly well

    Getting your weight down to a healthy level also helps your running ofcourse. Easier on your joints, and less to carry around with you.

    Those photos are really inspirational. :)

  • Wow Andy thats a great transformation! Great proof that slimming world and c25k really work!congratulations!looking good! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Holy mother of God- you look like a totally different person! You must be thrilled with your accomplishment. I've lost a stone and a half so I get how tough losing weight can be (though I'm in awe of you!). Well done and happy running!

  • Wowzers Andy, that is an amazing transformation. You must be really proud of yourself. You look really good. You look younger too.

  • What an amazing transformation, well done.

    Fab time on the run too !

  • What an achievement! You look great - well done!

  • Your pics are brilliant, huge inspiration for a lot of people who think 'they can't' :)

    Maybe it could be a gesture for new-starts that at graduation we all post a 'year before to now' photo?

    I've a few weeks to go but I might ;) (hopefully it won't actually put folk off lol!)

    Well done, keep going once-was-but-not-now-big-Andy ;)

  • Blimey, you've disappeared! Congrats, and congrats on your PB too, that's a great time xx

  • I'm confused... So the big fella on the left ate the dapper Lycra-clad fit bloke on the right... Right?! ;) Fantastic Andy, you're an inspiration :) Very well done to you.

  • Good work Andy! It's worth it though isn't it ๐Ÿ˜Š you must feel so much better. you certainly look well!

  • OMG you are incredible. The difference is unbelievable. You have added so many years to your life that cannot have been easy. Well done on parkrun too, I hope you get better soon and thanks for sharing....

  • Andy, are you the same man? What an achievement, Lycra or not. You must be proud of yourself and feel fantastic. Congratulation

  • Great pictures, well done. I always find it amazing the changes running can bring to our lives physical and mentally.

  • Amazing, well done you.

    And what a massive shave off your time for that great pb - I got one too yesterday ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿƒ

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Massive congratulations on such a transformation. Well done m'dear :)

  • Looking great well done!

  • Thanks for the kine words and encouragement everyone, the advice, support and encouragement from here is awesome.

    It has been a long overdue lifestyle change and I suppose like with many things in life the first step is often the hardest, thankfully I have had the support of my darling wife along the way, we joined Slimming World together, although she didn't really need to, Siobhan is now contemplating having a go at C25K too so I may be going back to week 1 on my rest days to run with her, she does have hip problems though so we will need to take it very steady.

    The extra sessions will be good for me too though as the steps will all count in the Million step challenge I have set myself for April and May. I decided that as a way of keeping the motivation levels high I would set myself the goal of a million steps in two months andd try to rasie money for Help for Heroes along the way, I will need to average 16130 steps a day to reach target which is an average increase of about 6000 so will be a real challenge especially on my "office" days when I can often finish at work about 7pm only having done a couple of thousand steps.

    I will keep everyone here updated as to my progress and you can follow progress on facebook and my just giving page too if you wish. I will probably be needing the encouragement of you all on days where my setep count is low!! lol



  • OK: newbie here, haven't followed your journey at all but WOW you look 100 times more healthy! And I bet it gives you a lot of confidence. Definitely inspiring me!!!!

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