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Week 9 run 1 completed against the odds!

Despite being woken by a brick being thrown through my front window at 5.30am and despite the rain and despite an epic fail two days ago - I DID IT!!

30 minutes with only two tiny little 10 second stops. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy and it wasn't exactly fun, but it is always better when it is behind me.

I was beginning to think my house move had caused the gremlins to set in for good, but all is back to normal now!

thanks to all those on here who absolutely keep me going. Next time a brick comes through, I will be ready for the chase...

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Hi Ucandothis,

Well done on the 30 minute run.

Moving house will undoubtalbly have taken its toll on you physically and mentally. Quite a worrying time.

Mmmn who's throwing bricks through your window? Hope you have reported that.

Accept that your running may be a bit tricky and don't be disappointed or hard on yourself. There is a lot going on in your life. You are still on track and will nail those graduation runs.

Good luck with your next run. Were all routing for you. :)


Have reported it - it was probably just a chancer passing by. It is a heavily student area so there is a lot of petty burglary, which is a shame as our house is lovely. We stupidly left laptops on display and have no curtains yet...

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Hope thats the end of it.. just a nasty blip.

Nothing taken though was there?

Hope you will be very happy in your new home. There is bound to be a great place to run nearby too... you just need to sus' it out...

Good luck. x


There's always so much to do when you move house without brick throwing idiots making life difficult. Hope the police catch the little devils before you do.

Glad you're over last weeks blip and glad you're sounding so much more positive.


Go you...!

Hide all your valuables..get a recording of a big fierce dog..and sheets make good curtains...!! Tee hee!

Seriously, well done you!


Thanks everybody - nothing taken so only a broken window.


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