For want of a knot

I found my recent parkrun a bit tedious and the idea of a short walk, like a number at my end of the run, quite tempting but ultimately resistible. However, I had to stop to re-tie a loose shoelace. My reward was a time which was only 10-20 seconds longer than my personal (I don't think anyone else would want to claim it) best. So, serves me right and double knots from now on.

It seemed that I needed some more enthusiasm for the run and decided to try the C25K+ Stamina podcast. To my surprise I found it enjoyable and the pacing stimulating. At my funereal pace, the podcast would cover almost all the parkrun for me and I am tempted to use it next time.

My truly ancient knees have fairly constantly complained about running, though only by being sore, and stretching certainly helped quite a bit. However, the dreaded foam roller has been a revelation and so far has almost solved the problem. It certainly finds the tender spots!


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10 Replies

  • Another convert to the foam roller! They are amazing at sorting out aches and niggles aren't they? Good for you for giving the Stamina podcast a whirl. Let us know how you get on at next parkrun.

  • Aches I can cope with but the niggles are very painful and have to be approached with care and not too many groans of agony - they cause alarm in the household.

  • I got my fastest ever Parkrun time listening to Stamina. There's something about about it that just makes me work that bit harder. Hope it does the same for you.

    Are you doing quad strengthening exercises to protect your knees? My physio swears they're essential for all runners to prevent injuries. :)

  • I hope to use the Stamina podcast for my next parkrun and, if it has the same effect as the first time I used it, I hope and expect to improve my time to a genuine personal best and top of my age grade (I'm the only one in it, which helps).

  • No, I haven't found quad strengthening exercises, but now I shall look for them. Thanks.

  • Elastic locking laces are just brilliant.

  • Thank you very much for the suggestion. I had never heard of them before and now I find the're all over the internet. I had to retie my laces several times during C25K weeks, when it often meant a blessed relief from Laura's nagging. Now a loose lace means seconds to be added to my parkrun time - disastrous when I'm struggling to get a time starting with a 3 instead of a 4.

  • Yes, I think it is a significant sign of progress when undone laces are unwelcome!

    Oddly although I'd liked the ones that came with my Keen sandals in which I spend Spring/Summer/Autumn when not running (and very occasionally when I am), it was when I was despairing about my younger son and tying laces that my Dad said "How about those things triathletes use and my life was revolutionised.

    I've been surprised and delighted to find that my little local independent sports shop (which is a lot more sport than running) usually has a better and cheaper selection than t'internet.

  • I use C25K+ for my park runs. I need the encouragement.

  • As do I. Stamina makes the difference, or will until the playlist gets on my nerves.