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Week 4 Run 1, there was dribbling!

A bit of a curate’s egg, this one.

The good news, I guess, is that I did the 5 minute runs. I did them, and didn’t stop, although I was kind of glad the last minute was the last minute when I got there, but I never felt that I had to stop and couldn’t go on. And I caught up and overtook a woman walking across the common, who had been a speck in the distance! It’s amazing how far you get in just 5 minutes. And the dribbling, I don’t normally think about my breathing much, but I must have been running with my mouth open, as I was dribbling out of the corner of my mouth a bit towards the end of the first 5 minutes. Nice!

I was covering so much more ground that I had to improvise a route, and I ended up running “off road” across the open common ground towards my familiar track, and it was tussocky and a bit difficult and I stopped running halfway through my second 3 minute run. I gave in to a gremlin basically. It was only for 20 seconds or so, maybe 30 seconds and then I started running again when I was back on the track, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I also had my main road issue, so extended the walk before the final run in order to cross safely. No more than a minute though.

So *fairly* pleased with that, and I have proved to myself that I can run for 5 minutes. I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to.

It was tough though. It felt like the toughest run for some time. I’m glad I have a 2-day rest now.

I’ll also be glad when the weather starts to warm up a bit. I’m getting a bit sick of frosty, icy runs.

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You go vivster... we have all done that mouth wide open gasping for air...

The good news is we're not still doing it..somewhere along the line in the next week or so...

Well, wait and see..:) :)

Great run by the sound of it and just doing it IS good enough..

Keep going you are smashing it.


Well done vivster! I always like watching your posts because I'm not far behind you!

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🙂 We should definitely cheer each other on and keep each other motivated. Let me know how you get on in with wk4.

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