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Well I did it, even though it was my first run in the rain, i’m so proud of myself. First 5 mins was hard but when she said I’ve done 10 minutes I thought i’d only done 7. Last 2 minutes my calf muscles started to cramp up, but I pushed through. 5 minute walk after seemed to ease my calf muscles and good stretches at home means they feel fine now. Listening to songs I haven’t heard for years actually helped keep my mind focused, singing in my head.

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Well done you did great 😀

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Thanks 😀


I'm waiting until tomorrow when it gets properly wet and windy ☔⚡

This has to be the only downside to running to a strict timetable with a group.

Saturday 9am w5r3 around the sportsground.

I'll do what I did last Saturday and not bother with a jacket... Just get wet. 😸☔🐆👟👟👟👟👟😸

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I wore a sports jacket and cap, I ended up taking the cap off half way, I didn’t really feel the cold and rain helped to keep me cool. Good luck tomorrow 🏃‍♀️🌧

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Yeah. A cap helps keep rain out of the eyes.

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