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wk89 3 pints of guiness and chicken tikka masala

Hi all, no just kiddin that is week 8 run3 and week 9 run 1.

So week 8 run 3 weds last was pretty much un-event full really .

No major incidents and all went quite smoothly really.

Now run1 week 9 , well that was a hard one.

first off , me and er in doors decided to take my mummy and her mummy for a pre- mothers day meal hence the title (guiness and tikka).

A very nice time was had by all with good food and drinks a flowing.

Well that's not quite right. The guiness was mine ( wifey offered to drive so I'm straight on bar duty).

Now I knew that I was gonna run tonight so deliberately left the run for about 3 hours after the meal.

All went a bit wonky at the start as I have a left turn and an incline on my cycle track which hits you just as the 5 min warm up ends so a bit challenging to start with but I planned it that way so that on my return its mostly downhill and finishes off on the flat.

Only problem being it was quite cold and what with running uphill my breathing was a bit laboured to put it lightly.

When Laura kicked in and said well done that's 5 minutes done only 25 to go I'm thinking Christ I must be mental.

Anyhow after slowing down a bit things started to get easier and I was actually able to breath again in a semi- ok kind of fashion.

After that the only two low points were when Laura chirped in well done that's 20 minutes (argh 10 to go)

and then, well done only 5 minutes to go ( god shoot me now).

Funny thing is though that at the end she piped up again well done that's it slow down.

Well I'm thinking shut up you wimp I'm good for another 3 mins yet.

Anyhow I jogged on another 50 metres or so just so that psychologically I could say to myself right Laura that's it , Now I'm gonna stop.

woo hoo that felt good .

amazing what you can achieve when your in the zone.

Already looking for a 10 k program for a week or two.

I know mental or what.

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I can't believe you could run 3 hours after that lot! Well done on all counts!


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