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I chuffing did it!

Week 5 run 3 - CHECK!

I've been putting it off since Monday, just convinced I'd never be able to run for 20 mins and didn't feel like I'd be able to get over failing when I've come this far but I did it. The first 5 minutes were definitely the hardest and I very nearly convinced myself that I couldn't breathe but I told that little voice to shut up and that stopping was not an option. By the time I finished I'm pretty sure walking would have been faster but I didn't stop. When Laura said that was it I literally jumped into the air, receiving many smiles from passing drivers! I can't believe I did it but I chuffing did! Thank you all for posting all of your stories and positive comments, I've been soaking them in all week and they helped to get me through it. Week 6, lets be having you!


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Well done! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) you deserve it


Well done...sounds like you beat those gremlins too! Good luck with W6!


Yassss! Well done you. Great job ☺



Those pesky mind gremlins.. you showed them what for!!!

Onwards and Upwards :)


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