Amazed and happy!

Amazed and happy!

Hi All!

Just wanted to post tonight's run.

I wanted to post this because I only started running on 23rd November 2015 and tonight I ran almost 7Km. I won't be winning any awards for pace but the health benefits and fitness levels are incredible. Progress is unbelievable so to all who might be struggling..........go for it because if I can do it anyone can.

Love Elsie xxx


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34 Replies

  • Well done! That is such an achievement. That is why this forum is so motivating- people like you posting their successes helps to spur the rest of us on! Thanks for posting X

  • It's about believing in yourself! You can do this no problem. I was not a runner in any shape or form! xxx

  • Go Elsie.. you are truly inspirational!

  • Thanks Oldfloss, I ache a bit this morning!!!! ;-) xxx

  • Amazing, well done. Who's racing anyways, running is for fitness and fun! Finding a pace that lets u run further is what I'm about plus staying injury free!

  • The fitness side is so important to me right now and that's what's spurring me on! xxx

  • That's a great post Elsie, I am only on week one, so your post is great encouragement.

  • Keep on going, anyone can do this programme. Trust in it and you will do it no problem. xxx

  • Thats quite a run Elsie... fantastic go you :) :) :)

    Well done, what an inspiration you are...

  • Thank you Jan xxx

  • An hr of running!!that's amazing ,and 7k is a great distance you should be really pleased! That's great progress!😊

  • I was pleased with 52 minutes the other day so last night was incredible. xxx

  • Well done Elsie ! More power to your runners ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP xxx

  • Good for you! That's so awesome and definitely helping to inspire me :)

  • I'm glad it helps, I never thought in a million years I would run for an hour in November last year.......I could barely breathe!!!!! Haha xxx

  • Fantastic Elsie, go you! Hope to get that far one day ;)

  • You worries ;-) xxx

  • Well done lady! Keep it up!😉

  • Thanks Dave! xxx

  • Bloomin heck! 7km and 1 hour running, look at you go!! :-) . Well done!, you've left me trailing behind.

  • I think I might not be moving anywhere fast today! I'm so stiff!!!! Haha xxx

  • Well done! Isn't running great?! 😊

  • It certainly's changed my life! :-) xxx

  • Wow! Elsie, that is amazing. Bit of an endurance runner maybe🏃?

    No wonder you are pleased with yourself. Well done!

  • I couldn't believe that I'd gone that far. I need to get my legs stronger as I was on my knees by the time I got home. I might get on the cross trainer tomorrow!!!! xxx

  • Top work Elsie, well done :) you should be very proud of yourself :) borrowing from Fleetwwood Mac , you go your own way Elsie , it is your race :) keep going you doing fab :) xx

  • Thanks Rob, hope you're okay! xxx

  • Great thanks Elsie , did my 1st 10k this morning :) xx

  • Wow that's fantastic, well done you! xxx

  • Thanks Elsie xx

  • Well look at you! You're such a RUNNER now. From 1 min to 1 hour. Brilliant Elsie :)

  • Excellent!!!! Very well done Elsie :)

  • Just brilliant, well done Elsie.

    This programme has led so many of us to great things.

    Who knows where you'll end up next! Just take it steady 😀 x

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