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Week 3 Run 2, that’s more like it


Still feeling a bit apprehensive about Week 3, I set off into the cold early morning and quickly regretted not taking my fleece. It was cold during the warm up walk. First half of the run went fine. One thing I was conscious of was during the 3 minutes was that I started to think about other things. I wasn’t focused on how I was feeling, or how my legs hurt (they didn’t) or when I could stop. I started to think about where I was going, where I might end up when I finished. I reckon this is progress.

The second 90 second run felt a bit meh. A bit of slog, I didn’t feel like I found a rhythm, but the second 3 minutes were great. I had trimmed my route and could see I was soon going to run out of pavement (I wanted to avoid the short, steep street that leads up to my street), so I looped round a block. There was a slight downwards slope at first, so I actually picked up the pace. Being in virgin territory felt weirdly liberating. I was running! And I didn’t want to die! Only for 3 minutes, but it was awesome. I could have carried on. I’ve been buzzing all day.

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Well done! Enjoy the feeling :)


It's great when you get that buzz! Sounds as if you're finding your rhythm - another runner in the making! Good luck with the next runs, looking forward to your posts.


Thank you.

I saw you said on another thread, Shivani, that you enjoyed it more once the runs got longer. I certainly appreciate having to do fewer intervals and not having to count off all the mini runs.

Sounds great vivster..

Buzz away :) :) 🐝

Good luck for R3.

I was anxious at the thought of running for a whole 3 minutes without passing out so at the end of Wk2 I timed 3 minutes on my phone and just went for it till the alarm sounded :-)

I was proud of myself after, I was amazed I did it - awesome feeling!!

Well done you!!

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