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We all have bad days

well I've carried on running week 9 r 3 since graduation - I need Laura's voice! and I have slowly seen my times getting quicker. it has been heartening and I now do 5k in 34 mins. And then this morning :( cold, windy and rainy. Legs felt like lead. over a minute slower :(. But this forum is great - we all support each other and we all know what it is like to have those fab highs of PBs and those lows of days when the duvet is so much more inviting.

AND... i still did 5k, I still ran, all much better than this time last year! so onwards and upwards and hopes for less lead in Thursday!

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Well done for your run today. That is a super time for 5k too. You could try the stepping stones podcast for a change, or stamina (haven't tried this yet but it sounds good) just to change things up a bit and give yourself a challenge.

Its Laura with loads of running tips and on stepping stones she keeps chipping

In with good advice every few mins.

Still a 30 minute run., stamina is 35 mins running i think.

Good luck for Thursday lets hope the weather is better... :)


One of the things that stuck with me last year when I was trying to get up to my first 10k was someone saying 'It's all miles in the legs', meaning that regardless of the time taken every km run is a km of strength in the bank for the future. You might feel that this run was not a 'good' run because it was a bit slower, but you will have benefitted from it a lot more than if you hadn't done it at all !!

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I think without the steady progress steps of the programme, it is easy to feel a bit lost and to worry about not getting faster or running for longer etc. Take pleasure in the fact that you can run for around 5k 3x week. That in itself is great. Anything more is a bonus. I do the c25k+ stamina podcast once a week and it has changed my rhythm so that I run faster, even on the other days. The audiofuel soundtrack is beyond awful in my opinion but I have noticed a training effect. Maybe have a look at that? It is just a 30 sec run, beat varies a bit but it is nothing dramatic.


30 sec would indeed be nice, 30 min it is


I am happy with my speed and progress. I have a nice flat route which I can get round and home in time to get ready for work. Just had a bad day and wanted to share with those struggling or having bad days during the program that those of us who have graduated and are still running can also have bad days and legs like lead.! Onwards and upwards.


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