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Can you recommend an alternative to fitbit charge HR?


I've had my fitbit charge HR for about a year now and I've had enough with the battery issues. Other than that it's great but the battery life deteriorated at the end of last year so it only lasted 2 days. I complained, they sent replacement, it happened again in the space of a few weeks, I have another replacement, and oh look it's happened again. 2 friends are also having the same issues (with charge and charge HR) so I'm shopping around.

I wanted something that has continuous heart rate, sleep tracking, silent alarm and isn't hugely chunky. Oh, and now I want something without inbuilt battery issues as well! :) I wasn't fussed about having call notifications, but now I have it I love it! I'm looking for something that is comparable (spec and pricewise), although I would probably pay a bit more if I could swim with it. I'm not fussed about having GPS as I would probably have my phone with me anyway. Oh, and I want it to be bounts compatible (see this post

Can anyone recommend something that ticks the boxes?

Thanks :)

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I think I might organise a charging schedule to accommodate the shorter charge life...


Given that I have redundant fitbits at home, I have extra charging cables! :) So one is at home, another is always with me so it generally doesn't die on me. But my issue is more that I didn't pay 3 figures for something that only lasts a couple of days, which is much less than advertised. It should, and did originally, last for the best part of a week. So unless fitbit can address this I intend to buy an alternative product, once I have decided what to buy! :)


Oh I agree - it is shocking how expensive bits of kit are essentially treated as disposables by the manufacturers.

I am fortunate at least that my Charge HR cost the giver considerably less than 3 figures (I got lots of brownie points for forwarding an M&S Black Friday offer which I am told arrived just in time before he clicked the button at one of those tax dodging places)

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