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Week 4 done :)

So I woke up this morning fully intending to go for a run when I got slightly distracted by going motorbike shopping with the hubby (it didn't take much persuasion!). The trouble was by the time we got back this afternoon, it was so cold that all I wanted to do was snuggle under the blanket and put a good film before I even had the chance to put the kettle on, I made myself go upstairs, get my running gear on and get back out and I'm so glad I did :) I completed wk4 without stopping on any of the (very slow!) runs although must admit the first 5 min run today felt like real hard work. The route I take goes slightly uphill around the time I start that section so by the time Laura said I was only halfway I must admit I got a bit sweary in my head (thankfully not out loud!)

I went for gait analysis on Friday and treated myself to some new trainers which felt like running on pillows - so lush :) I thought the analysis would show I have over pronation as I feel like my feet roll in however it turns out I'm neutral. The new trainers feel so much better - I'd highly recommend the analysis to anyone who's thinking about it. I thought I'd feel a bit silly running on the treadmill in front of everyone but the staff were great

Roll on week 5....

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New trainers... .tick week 4.... tick.

What a great weekend.

Good luck with week 5 :)

Laura doesn't mind if you get cross with her.. she still says' well done you did it!!'

:) :)

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