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Week 4 done & cold showers!


Felt pretty rough out there this morning (late night and wine!!) and came home after the run feeling dreadful, but am definitely tired & dehydrated after last night, so not too worried about that.

Anyone else trying cold showers? I’ve been having cold showers (well - warm shower first to actually wash in, then 3 mins on blooming cold!) since I started C25k and am a bit evangelical about them - it was on the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall program as a way to cope with stress & anxiety & generally feel better, and I have to say it’s been a revelation. After feeling awful this this morning I felt on top of the world when I got out - I actually whooped!! Anyone else trying it?

Still on track for running a parkrun by my big 5-0 birthday at the start of April phew. Roll on week 5!!

Happy running everyone

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I hear Chris Evan’s talking about how good cold showers are as part of his running programme, but I don’t understand?

I haven’t looked into the research but just gone in with blind faith really - it’s free and easy and so worth a go. I hadn’t actually heard of it as part of a running programme - that would be great if it benefits running too. If you do decide to try you’ve got to be in longer than a minute as that’s the hard bit, it starts feeling better after that!


Ah, the wine. Guaranteed to dehydrate you.

Never tried cold showers, and never likely to 🥶

Very sensible! 😆


Despite not feeling 100%, you did it! 👏

No, I haven't tried a cold shower. Some say cold is good for you. mirror.co.uk/news/world-new...

Our shower room is freezing anyway so I try to warm up a bit in the shower. I might try it in spring or summer 😁

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