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WK7: My most challenging, exhaustion and foot pain, but still loving it.


Up until WK7 I have been on an absolute high. Even WK6r3 was amazing. I came down to earth with a bump on Monday WK7R1 as I felt exhausted right from the start and my feet were like led (similar to wk1r1). I took a two day break, gave myself a good talking to and got out there again last night. I was not as tired but my ankles and the balls of my feet were burning with pain for the last 5 minutes. I've had a look at the other posts and think I should now go and get a gait analysis and new running shoes. I'm dreading run 3 and am wondering if I should put this off until I can get the gait analysis done (in a couple of weeks) or should I just go and give R3 a try? Advise would be gratefully received. Also has anyone else experienced pain on the balls of their feet? I did a 3 day mountain walking trek a few years back and after 8k had the same problem then.

Just to add everyone on this site are just the most fabulous of virtual friends and companions, reading the comments is so inspiring and supportive.

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Go you... well done!!!

Sounds as if you might still have been a bit tired... maybe that contributed towards the discomfort.

I have shock absorbing heel supports which helped me in the first weeks..and a shock absorbing insole, which also helped. Bought mine on Amazon..Sorbothane Shock stopper and Double Strike insoles.

Maybe give the run a try.. and see how you feel?

Other people will advise I am sure..:)

GoNaNaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Floss. I will order some this weekend.

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