Well after 10 days with a cold, which has stopped me going out running, really chesty and coughing, today I decided I needed to run.

The dread! Omg how bad will I be? This is going to kill me! But off I went at a slow and steady pace determined to do 5k but maybe walk a lot of it.

I felt great, clear chest, knees a little painfully but got into it listening to laura/Julie week 9 podcast, 4k came and went and I thought do you know what Paul, today's going to be a milestone keep going, 5k went by, I changed my route then 6k just as I reached home.

WOW, I'm impressed.

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9 Replies

  • Well done :) Running is strange like that. You never really know what kind of run it's going to be until you're out there doing it :D

    I find that the only time when colds ever come to anything is when I'm on the injury couch. If I run 3 times a week then they never develop into anything. By contrast, if I don't run then I seem to get one bad cold after another.

  • Blimey, that's really, really good going! Well done Paul. Sorry to hear of the rotten cold but you're definitely firing on all cylinders now! :)

  • Well done Paul that's really good! I know what you mean about running after having manflu! I've had it too this week. I did try to run on Friday but ended up in bed for the weekend (and not in a good way)!!!!! I went out tonight and like you was a completely different experience!!!!

    Onward and upward m'dear and hope your cold is a gonner!!!!

    Elsie xxx

  • Hey Elsie you got your badge! Woop woop

  • Yeh I know........get me!!! I'm running 3 times a week at the moment. Need to do a swim or 2 in the week too to try and get the flab off but it's going well.


  • Fantastic run! Funny how those runs pop out of nowhere when we least expect them! Well done☺

  • Great run Paul. You are made of strong stuff.. :) Sounds like proper flu not man-flu but the thought of getting out with the girls (Laura and Julie) helped your recovery. Keep well. Take care not to overdo it.

  • Fantastic run matey, glad you are back up and running. My best runs have also been when I haven't been feeling 100% and the feeling is just amazing.

  • When my knees were playing up and I had to take a break, I was worried I'd lose all the gain I'd made but strangely it doesn't work that way. Thank goodness! Sounds as if your shin splints have cleared up too and you're back out there enjoying it. You've even come back stronger!

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