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Week 8 Run 1, What a turn up!

I really cant thank some of you enough, the advice in my previous post of dropping my speed was just so spot on!

I approached the 1st run of week 8, a little bit apprehensive as my back has been a bit iffy, but i got a banana and a cuppa down me this morn, and off to the gym i went. After the warm up,in the 1st 5 mins, the gremlins started.....I managed to shut them up through sheer grit, and carried on running at 8.9kmh. My breathing settled the stride and form sorted it self out, and things just got easier and easier, i got to 28 mins and felt awesome, so much so, that i cranked up the treadmill to 10.5 and went for the 30 mins, i felt even more pumped and cranked up the treadmill to 12kmh for the final minute.....Only down side is that i was just short of the 5k distance on the treadmill, but my 'calibrated' jabra sport app on my phone say's 6km!

Im still buzzing, ive done 30 mins of running,and im still alive, such a great feeling, but im not going to get ahead of myself and stick to 28 min runs for the rest of the week, i have my 1st road run on friday aswell, that will be the ultimate test i think.

So moral of the story is that, keep going folks, use this community for advice, if i can do it, anyone can.

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Great run! Well done!!!

A word of warning, though... don't expect too much from your first run outside. Running outside is very different from running on a treadmill (it's much more fun and much less boring, but you will need to allow yourself time to transition).

Having to pace yourself, rather than allowing the treadmill to drive the pace takes some getting used to. Persevere - it really is worth it. Just don't get discouraged if you find you get tired really quickly, just try to slow down (and keep slowing down until you can maintain the pace). There's a whole world to explore out there, just take it really slow until you get accustomed to setting your own pace. Have fun!


Fortunately ive got a Jabra Pulse, that can help me guauge speed on the road, but yeah im expecting that to be my biggest challenge, ive not done road running in anger for a good ten years. But im not overly worried as atleast i know i can run!


Wow what an acheivement. Well done SolNaveen. :) really glad things have settled down for you. Once those first few mins of breathlessness are over it feel great doesn't it. Your body knows what to do...

You hit the zone, not surprised you are buzzing.

Same sort of thing happens outside, five minute gremlins, but push through and you can settle into a stride pattern that feels right. I try and keep upright and take quite small paces. Still no need for speed just the time you are aiming for.

Keep your head up looking ahead.

You will soon be applying for your graduation badge.. :)


We have all read the wisdom shared by other people on here and found it works! Fantastic that you had such a spectacular run! Nice and steady now all the way to graduation, you can certainly do it! Being able to find a speed that works for longer running time is a real skill that u will appreciate later on too. As you had some extra power today, I am sure if you did a run at a slow pace, u could carry on plodding beyond 30 minutes until you reached 5km. I chose to do my week 9 run 3 as a parkrun! I did it in 43 minutes (a mixture of fear plus peer pressure)!


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