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Time vs distance

Leading up to my graduation run I was having huge problems with breathlessness while running and it turns out that my blood pressure had shot up. Not wanting to stop running (and while the new medication kicks in) I decided to do the distance version of C25K that is on the RunDouble app.

The first two weeks are the same but on week 3 you do distance intervals rather than time. For example run x metres then walk x metres. So regardless of how fast or slow you go you don't finish until you have done the full distance.

It has turned out to be an interesting experience especially comparing the stats between the two. When I did w4r1 timed I covered 2.31km with a pace of 9.18. The distance one I did today was 3.2km with a pace of 8.42. You can then add another km for the wu/cd.

So, the reason for this rather long blog is that for those of you who are interested in improving your distance might want to try this version.

Oh and on w9 you run 3 x 4.8km runs with a grand finale run of 5km.

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That sounds interesting - and challenging too!

How do you measure the distances - with a gps as you go?


I use my phone with the RunDouble app. Comparing my grad run with today's w4r1 (distance) I was a bit faster with just less than 0.15km. So definitely a way to get to 5k if that is more important than speed.


wait... so week 9 is in total, 19.4km?!

Holy. Moly.


So ..... shall I put your name down? lol


ahaha, I don't think so! Not just yet. I can barely manage 5km once. I wouldn't be able to complete 5k on top... plus another 10k


Sounds interesting. I shall have a look at that. Is it available on Android?

Viki :-)


RunDouble is only available on android so you are in luck. Apparently this is the original C25K that does literally get you to 5k regardless of time - so I might need to take a packed lunch when I attempt the 5K!!!


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