Sore knees 😢

Hi everyone, please help!! I'm forty this month and decided that I should do some kind of exercise as I never have, so I downloaded the c25k app and signed up to the 5 k colour run in London as motivation, and also registered with the national deaf children's society to raise money for charity as more of an incentive as my daughter is deaf. So here I am week 2 day 2 and my knees are in agony, I have gel on them and knee straps, will it pass? Should I rest ? Should I go doctors ? Any advise welcome xx


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15 Replies

  • Knees are tricky so and so's! If you're in that much pain then I'd rest them and maybe see how you go with a very brisk walking pace before starting again. When they're not used to impact they can protest but also check other things like are your shoes giving enough shock absorption and are you having rest days between runs? Sure more experienced peeps will have more to say but there's a lot to be said for listening to your body and pain rather than aches and muscle fatigue is a something to take notice of. Keep us posted and hope it eases soon :-)

  • Thank you, I've just ordered be running shoes did some research into what's best for my feet, been leaving one to two days in between, and now have a knee strap, was going to run tomo but I think I will stick to my normal route but just walk it, hoping it's just my body in shock and protesting against a little exercise lol x

  • The same thing happened to me. In my case my body was adjusting to running as I'd never done it before. I took two weeks off and did the RICE method. When I started back I used the treadmill for awhile. I still wear supports on my knees when I run.

    I had gait analysis done towards the end of the programme and it definitely helped. Just take it easy. I know when you're starting out it seems like you'll lose your momentum if you stop for awhile, but it's better to give your body time to adapt. Good luck with your 5k and I hope your knees feel better soon.

  • Poor you...:(

    As others have advised, check you shoes are the ones for you, heel support etc.

    Also, if you are new to regular exercise, despite the exercise associated with a little one :) then maybe take a look at the strength and flex exercise on the Couch to 5K site... Lots of us think they are good. I still work through them on my non run days.

    Be sensible as everyone says and hope it sorts...

    Keep us posted :)

  • Thank you I will look at that was also thinking to maybe start a Pilates class, will keep you updated 🙂🙂

  • You should definitely rest them if, as you say, they are in agony. Running will only make them worse. Let them heal first.

  • I was due to do w2r2 today but I've put a knee support on and been for a gentle half hour walk, 😳

  • How did it go and where are your knees hurting?

  • It was ok, feel like I've let myself down not being able to run, sitting with a cold pack on it now, and the pain is on the inner side of each knee, new trainers arriving today so hopefully that will help too, I think I will rest for a few days then maybe repeat week one again, what do you think ? Sorry I'm so new to any kind of exercise lol

  • It is frustrating I know. I would rest it for a week and if you still have pain, bending, squatting, using stairs, I'd rest for another week but maybe also see the doctor. Before you run try standing and raising one knee at a time, move your arms back and forwards too as if you were running but you're actually just marching on the spot 50 x with high knees. Can your knees cope with taking the full body weight on one leg at a time? If they can't, I don't think I'd try and run just yet. I think with rest, it'll sort itself out. Maybe your leg muscles were not ready for the work of running. Sometimes I think we need a pre c25k programme where we spend 4 weeks strengthening and stretching the leg muscles first.

    Yes, when you go back to running, I'd go back to w1. It is only 9 weeks all told and the time goes by so fast if injury sets you back a week or two and you go back to the beginning again, it is still just a few weeks all told. Be careful to warm up before you run , extend your walk to 10 min if you want, stretch afterwards and soak your muscles in a warm bath. I know it is a real pain to have these set backs but you definitely can complete this programme and run

  • Sorry when I said with high knees , I meant just parallel to the floor.

  • Hi, good advice from other members. As your new you will get these nagging aches & pains for a while, rest with some very gentle stretching, and see if it improves for running, but only run just above walking pace when you start again, a lot are a tad over enthusiastic and do go off too fast and get aches & pains & injuries.

    Your knees may need some strengthening. There are some knee exercises on here you can do when they're better, good luck! Don't be too disheartened..☺

  • Saz I just wanted to add that I do daily exercises which helped me with my knee pain. However my pain was frontal on the kneecap. They do not place pressure on the knee itself so should cause no pain but work the muscles around the knee, the quads on thefront of your thighs for instance and a long band stretching down your back thighs and past the knee. I can't link on my ipad but if you look on youtube for "runner's knee stretches" they should come up. Poster is "theschoolpsych". The final rather odd looking stretch helped me most. I do it immediately before and straight after every run. His second exercise on the step I didn't do. The rest I do daily. Maybe they'll help you too.

  • Hi, thank you for all you advice going to look up the exercises you have mentioned, will keep you updated going to rest until Sunday and try a brisk walk see how that goes 😄

  • There are also good knee exercises on the NHS livewell site that strengthen the muscles. But if pain persists, get your GP to check it. My c25k knee pain led me to discover that I have arthritis but also to get custom insoles that sorted the problem.

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