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W6R2 - The last of the intervals

"The way you make me feel, it makes me go red/The way you make me feel, it makes me sweat" warbled in my ear again in this last stop-and-go-run. That bit always makes me laugh, especially when I look in the mirror after a run! Pouring with sweat, hair sticking out everywhere, red-faced, good job the rest of my family is still fast asleep!

The run was fine, the usual slog. Will I ever waft elf-like over the ground, breathing lightly? Let's face it - no. The gremlins never had a chance though and I did try to speed up over the last minute. At minute 1 of the last run a little stone had edged it's way in over the heel of my shoe and was busy digging into various parts of my left foot and my glasses fugged up at various points on the run.

It's all longish runs from now on. And I'm a bit nervous about them. It's all very well doing one longish run a week, I think I can do that on a long term basis. But 3 a week? That's something I never really managed even when I tried to run regularly about 12 years ago. But then I'm running faster now (thanks to Laura) than I was then, so maybe there's hope. We shall see, there's no deadline for graduating, although I would like to have graduation under my belt in the first week in March. Then I have a couple of weeks to get some practice in before I go on holiday. I can't see me running on holiday, my routine will be different. But if I've got into the habit by then, who knows?

Roll on W6R3!

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Actually, running more slowly might be the key to tackling these longer runs. As you say, no deadline to graduate so build up at your own rate.

You will probably want to take your running gear on holiday. One of the pleasures of running is to explore new places.

Good luck!

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Fab Skinny! Lovely post and I can very much relate to the end of run hair and sweaty red chops! Well done on run 2 and good luck with the long one - you will nail it! I try not to think about 3 long runs a week, but I think I trust this program, it's worked for us so far, so I reckon we'll be ready. Personally, the sense of elation after that long run last week was so fab that if I can get that feeling 3 times a week, instead of just once, ill be a happy girl (and so will you ;)) x

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Trouble is I don't think you get that feeling every time! But I must admit I've caught the bug and really look forward to my runs. I love this forum as well - you get so much encouragement.

Good luck to you too - we're about the same level!


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