Beating the monotony

Hey guys m, I'm not a prophet of doom and couch to 5k has totally changed my life but now I run in the gym because of the damp affecting my lungs outside, I wanted to know how the rest of you work through the running? I mean, I start and feel like... Phew I'm never going to make it and then find myself counting every second, it would seem, and I wondered do the rest of you zone out? Sing to yourself? (I usually have music in my ears)? Plan your shopping lists?... Ideas would be great please xx thanks xx


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  • I know what you mean about the monotony. This is why I nearly always have music on and my Garmin to distract me. It's worse when it's dark and there's no landmarks to look out for.

    There's always running form to concentrate on too: breathing, cadence, arm movement, head position, heel kick...

  • Thanks, my breathing, probably due to my asthma and inexperience, is quite loud according to my partner who comes to the gym with me, he tells me he can hear it above everyone else in the room :)

  • I try to time my gym runs with a decent TV show. I love running with 'Death in Paradise' on as I get totally lost in the story and find the time zooms by.

  • Oh I like that idea :) now to find something that I like on the telly when I'm at the gym :) thanks xx

  • I leave my phone on the side so I can still keep track of when I should be running/walking but the TV keeps me entertained (except for a disastrously timed run a few weeks ago when I was subjected to Jeremy Kyle!!!!)

  • I used to run on a treadmill and found that having the right playlist worked for me. Depending on my mood would dictate the run. "So today, Matthew I'm going to be a goddess working on her glutes" (slow, uphill) or I might be a heroine in my own movie running to save the world(speedy). Use your imagination and you can be anything you want to be!

  • I run outside but on long runs I often have a Radio4 podcast on the go. I find "Saturday Live" particularly diverting. On shorter runs I sometime go with the Friday Night Comedy. I also find running quite condusive to mulling things over, so sometimes I run naked. (TV shows are for making ironing bearable in my life !)

  • Hi, I'm just a mere novice but have been on treadmill for a few weeks... This is a bit random, and I have a treadmill at home so is easier to do, but I cover up the screen completely with a towel so I can't see clock, distance, pace or anything at all... Else I clock watch, feel deflated by how slow I am, how little time I've actually run etc and it makes me feel worse and the time goes so slowly. Being ignorant of all that and just listening to the music and Laura is far better! I sing out loud, make up my own words to songs, chat back to Laura and then it's over. Nothing inspired I'm afraid. And you might look a bit odd doing that in a gym ;) I do find that music choice makes a huge difference and have started making a new playlist for each run for variety and trying to time very motivational tunes when I know I'll be getting tired and need an extra boost! sorry not much help really x

  • I also have a treadmill and tend to chat back to Laura 'thank you Laura, yes I am at a nice, steady pace after 5 minutes'!! Glad I'm not the only one!!

  • I've gone for the BitGym app on the iPad which sits in front of the treadmill and lets me pretend I'm running through Hawaii and the Grand Canyon ( - the camera even senses your head bobbing up and down and adjusts the speed you travel at accordingly. Definitely much more fun than staring at my spare room's wall. The only downside is that it's about a fiver a month (and you need somewhere to put the iPad) but I thought I'd give it a go for the duration of the training programme and it's been brilliant!

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