Week 5 implosion with ever decreasing circles

Hi all

I have been following this forum for a few months now but this is my first post. You have unknowingly provided much support and encouragement to me through C25K thus far. I started in September last year but having felt half dead after W1R1, I followed a programme I saw in a running magazine for a few weeks, which built me up to doing W1R1 again. I should say I'm 41, not overweight and had previously done a lot of walking. Which prepared me not one jot for running! I always hated distance running at school and was only ever good at sprinting, probably due to my height and lack of patience.

Anyway I was progressing ok through the weeks until week 4. I run with my partner and due to sickness and bad weather (we live on the coast in the North West of England - it's not been nice) we lost a couple of weeks. Week 4 felt hard so repeated it a couple of times. Onto week 5 and I had already seen what was in store so was a little nervous. However the first two runs went better than expected and W5R2 actually felt great, running along the seafront with no wind for a change. W5R3 loomed and despite not believing it possible, I actually completed it. And after that it's all gone wrong. Once I got home I felt ridiculously tired, which continued all the following day. Decided to repeat W5 again and after W5R1 I felt extremely tired for two days again. So with it being Christmas decided to take a break for a week.

Got a TomTom watch for Christmas so went out with that to restart at week 4. That first run was ok but subsequent runs have again left me too tired, considering the length of time that I'm running. I got that fed up with it I went to the docs and I'm waiting for blood test results currently, but he suggested I carry on whilst I wait. The TomTom tells me my heart rate is peaking in the 160s which seems high for a 3 minute run?? I looked back on W5R3 and saw my pace was 7min/km which maybe was too fast. I keep reading on here that people should slow down but I'm really not sure how slow to go? I ran at 8min/km the other day and wasn't as shattered, but my heart rate was just as high. Plus I find it really hard to find a rhythm.

Anyway I'm sorry for such a long first post. I really, really don't want to give up on this but I'm finding it very difficult at the moment. It's hard being back to week 4 when I first did it in November. The constant wind and rain through November and December didn't help but the weather is pretty good now, and I'm finding it no easier. I should add that I've also changed my diet, now having Nutriblasts at breakfast when I never had any fruit before, and trying to cut out processed food. I also cut out alcohol for a while (I'm not a big drinker by any means but thought it would be good to stop completely for a bit). Maybe I'm doing too many changes at once?

Your thoughts and hopefully encouragement to keep going would be much appreciated!


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  • Hiya and glad to see you posting.

    I can understand what you mean about struggling to find a rhythm and being tired. This does get better and if you keep going it should improve. I am just about to start week 8 tomorrow and I'm a bit scared. It takes me a while to get into my stride but I find after a while it starts to settle and I find a pace. 7km/hr is very quick. Have a look at my other posts, I've put my stats up each time and I'm still only running a 8.38km/hr which I can cope with. I am getting faster each run and am hoping to hit 5K distance.

    Let us know the results of your blood test, you could be fighting a virus and with all the changes you've made hopefully you will see an improvement soon.

    Hope that helps.

    Elsie xxx

  • Welcome to the forum!

    It looks like you're being hard on yourself - is it just an impression, or are you overanalyzing everything? The basic rule is that if you get out there and you're not walking, then everything is a "good" run. the only "bad" run is no run. Heart rate and all the other gadgets are not really necessary for you during C25K - don't scare yourself or put pressure on yourself by trying to establish the ideal speed, because for the moment you should be running, or walking, that's all. Simples.

    As for your changes in food and drink, go for it! I stopped the alcohol too, and it did me the world of good.

  • Hi Lisa,

    If you've got a TomTom Cardio Runner watch then welcome to the club ! :-)

    But why are you even thinking about your heart rate during Week 4 or 5 or whatever? My advice?

    (1) Ditch the watch for now and embrace it when you've finished the programme, because you WILL finish it!

    (2) SLOW DOWN! And take it nice and easy. That way you'll build your confidence as you progress.

    (3) Yes the weather has been awful recently, especially up here in the North West, but looks OK for this week :-)

    (4) continue with the other changes you've made as long as you feel you can sustain them comfortably - and well done!

    I think that's it. You sound very determined which is great. Honestly, the biggest thing is to keep at and... SLOW DOWN!

    Good luck


  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I am definitely over analysing, unfortunately I have an analytic personality which is perhaps working against me on this. I wanted to see my heart rate to make sure I wasn't over doing things, but will try running without it and slow down some more! Next run is Tuesday, fingers crossed πŸ˜„

  • 8min/km is fast for wk5. I was doing 10 min/km at that stage. Even after I graduated it took me 42 mins to do 5k. This was last July. I have since increased my pace through mixing things up. I am now at around 6min/km.

    I am like you - 41, not overweighted and not a big drinker. I think you need to slow down. Get the couch to 5k done. Then you could try increasing your pace by trying Parkrun, longer distances, hills, intervals, strength training and join an RC.

  • Hi Lisarose. I think it's all about the consistency but I know with the weather it can be a bit difficult. You should try and get into the rhythm of doing the 3 runs a week and progress gradually each week. having chunks of time off can automatically make you unmotivated and your muscles will ache again when you go back again making you inmotivated. You can always run on a treadmill in bad weather and if not just run the day after.

    I used to live in the uk but moved to Australia but it gets farrr too hot to step outside let alone run in the heat so I'll get up extra early or run at time to squeeze in that run.

    I think your doing the right thing in stepping back a week when you've had a break. And my avg pace time is 5.31 per k so I don't think it's your speed. I usually eat a banana and a glass of water before a run and drink milk after my breakfast post run in the mornings. gives me energy and the milk is good for your muscles. Maybe invest in a foam roller for achy muscles?

    Go at your comfortable pace and keep with that consistency. Looks likes you've made some great changes to your diet too so just keep up the good work girl, you're doing great!

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