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Newbie - About to start wk2

Hey All, So last night I completed week 1 run 3. Which means I have done more running in the last week than I probably have done in the last 6 years. It felt good and definitely a boost in confidence.

I have joined a local group we've all started c25k at the same time and run together on Sunday mornings to do day 1 of the week. The other 2 runs in the week I will be doing on my own.

I need to find something to make sure I stay motivated so was considering signing up to a 5k for 9 weeks time, do you think this would be a good idea or should I wait? I really want to do this but I'm also an excellent procrastinator.

Which android apps are best for tracking your run?

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Well done. doing the first run of the week with others is such a great idea.

You could look for a local park run to do the Saturday after graduation? May be your group could do it together. It's not a race so you can enjoy looking forward and preparing for it!

Not sure I can with apps i'm afraid i only use one on my iphone - I'm a creature of habit so i still run W9R3 every time I run. I logged my route on map my run on my PC and then can just log that run as a workout on their app every day i run it! ( you can put in multiple routes.)

Keep going it's fab to tick off those weeks Well Done :)


Well done for starting. It's a great programme and if you stick with it you'll be surprised at how far you can go. It sounds like a brilliant way to do the programme with others doing the first run of the week. Lots of motivational encouragement and peer pressure that is sometimes required to get out there and do it.

As Laura says it would be good if you could all sign up to an event such as a parkrun which will be easier done in a group. Safety in numbers.

I use strava on my phone to track my runs just to get some basic feedback on time, distance and pace. I understand from a lot of the posts that people also use runkeeper but I'm sure all these apps will do much the same thing. You can always download them and try even if you're driving, shopping etc they'll give you an idea of the reporting you get.

There's some people who would suggest not to look at pace etc because the programme is the important thing and it doesn't matter how fast you go but if you're like me you'll want to know the kinda ballpark pace that you're doing.

Good luck.


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