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Overcoming obtacles

Over the years I have found it is very easy to let obstacles get in the way of my fitness activities - especially if I look hard enough!

After looking at the scales after Christmas, I've decided with the C25k to remove as many as I can so I just get on and do it. I find once I actually start exercise I enjoy it, it's just the getting started and overcoming the temptation of food/beer/sleep after a day at work.

Here is my list of obstacle removers:

1. I find exercise in the morning is difficult as it takes a little while for the stiffness to go from my back (although the memory foam mattress and pillow have really helped), so I do early evening - as soon I finish or get back from work. I mentally block out the time before I allow the rest of the evening to start.I also decide in advance which days are going to be the exercise days and plan my day to accommodate as far as possible.

2. I use a running machine at home (which is maybe a tad indulgent), but this means the weather can't be an excuse and I don't have to overcome inertia to drive the gym, find somewhere to park, battle through the crowded changing rooms, wait for a machine etc

3. Being at least 3 st overweight, I find I get a problem with localised chaffing (for some reason I have to say that in a Yorkshire accent) at the top of my legs. Although I joke about it, I do find it really painful if I let it go on too long and it stops me exercising. So I invested in two things - a couple of pairs of Lycra shorts (budgie smugglers with longer legs) and a tube of some anti-chaffing gunk. That has pretty much sorted the problem and I have to look for another obstacle instead.

4. My feet quite often get hot when I run, so I bought a couple of pairs of 'technical' running socks. These have been great, feet no longer a problem.

5. If my back/neck/knees are still feeling a bit stiff before the run, I take a couple of ibuprofen 30 mins before I start, that seems to sort that bit out.

6. iPod already sitting on the running machine, ear buds at the ready. This almost caught me out on the last run as my wife hid it in the little hidey hole on the machine foe safe keeping. I turned the house upside to try and find it and eventually had to use my kindle instead (which took about 30 mins to sort out, but that's another story).

7. After each run, I do the stretches recommended - I am sure this has helped stiffness of the legs etc get in the way of the next run.

Anyway, so far so good, have managed 4 sessions on the trot (pardon the pun) and am looking forward to the run tonight!

Antone else got any top tips/stories of how you remove your obstacles?

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Sounds like you're off to a good start!

I saw this interesting article (on Facebook of all places) that stated exercise is best done in the evenings - I was very glad to hear it as I am pretty useless in the mornings! Although it's been 38 degrees in the evenings here lately and not at all conducive to running :/


Ha ha , Brilliant post Phil , Welcome aboard !

Yes ,I get it about the obstacles , I think in the end I just ran out of excuses and thought I best just get on with it !

You have done really well overcoming yours , keep going , youre doing great ! :-)

And please keep posting, its great to look back and see how far you have come , tha' knows ( I did say that in a Yorkshire accent :-) ) xxx

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My biggest obstacle is just that I don't feel like it. It's what the Germans call their "inner swine-dog" holding me back. One look out the window - cold, wet, dark and staying home looks like an excellent and sane option. My cure is music. I play music that puts me in a good mood while I get ready. At the mo Cara Emerald: A Night like This. As loud as you need it to make you feel energetic and happy, sing along as you get dressed. Works for me.


The inner swine dog - love it!


Very funny, great post philmoore!

... and I love the inner swine-dog, boptillyoudrop- I think mine is Irish-wolfhound sized ;)

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We've talked about this before. I call it mental tennis. Shall I shan't I, reasons for not doing a run. Batting the why's and wherefore's to and fro, ad infinitum

It's so much easier just to think "blow it" and just do it. Nike are quite right about that. Give yourself a break and just crack on. If you feel yourself looking for excuses at any point, not just about running either, just have a word with yourself and then give in to the inevitable

I would deffo get outside and run. It will be easier on your legs I'd say than the running machine. We are human beings, not hamsters, so get out there and enjoy running in the wider world where all sorts of diversionary stuff is going on. The sessions absolutely fly by when you're outside

Good luck

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Ha , Ha , mine is pug sized , just that theres hundreds of 'em ! :-)

I always say to myself " What will I feel like if I don't do it ? " and the answer is " Rubbish " and " What will I feel like after Ive been ? " and the answer is always " Amazing "

That swings it for me ! :-)


Great post... you clearly are sorting it???

But, when it comes down to it, you can either have a result..or an excuse?

As poppypug says, sometimes we run out of excuses and just have to get out there and do it, and sometimes it is hard!!!!

Check out sandraj39's motivational post from a few days ago.. it is brilliant!

Just go for it...:)

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