Recommendations for Samsung S5 Armband

Hello Folks,

Can anyone recommend a decent/nice armband for a Samsung S5. There's so many out there, just wondering if it's worth paying the extra for the branded ones.




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11 Replies

  • Tune belt is a good brand. They even fit phones with otterbox defender and commuter case. I have an AB88 for my galaxy s4. Seriously when I forget it I just put the phone in my shorts pocket and run the ear bud cord under my shirt and out my neck area. Good luck!

  • Armbands sounded like a good idea, so I bought one. Absolutely useless. I couldn't get it to stay put and couldn't use the phone once it was encased. I tried a belt which worked better, but ended up with a GPS watch instead.

    try before you buy.

  • I didnt get on with these at all to be honest . Some people really like them, but I found them too much of a faff for me . It just didnt feel comfortable at all .

    I stick mine in my bum bag , suits me much better but I agree , try one and see how it feels xxx

  • Didn't get on with one either. Only buy leggings with a pocket!

  • Unfortunately the tights I bought have pockets but not big enough to hold a phone :(

  • When I rule the world - pockets big enough for a phone will be mandatory!!!

  • Looks like the general consensus is to stay away from the arm band

  • I used an igadgit2 armband to hold my iPod classic and found it good, but haven't used it for a while, since I graduated,but thinking of using it again. Got it on EBay, but probably can get on Amazon also.... It's best to use an armband, it's safer than to just put an expensive phone or iPod in a pocket, the thing could jump out while running, and my running shorts only have 1 small pocket, so no provision for music player.....

  • I have an armband for my iPhone plus and it's going ok so far. It's a belkin. It straps on with Velcro and I can punch the buttons on the screen through the plastic case.

    I felt a bit self conscious with this thing strapped on but husband kindly pointed out that lots of people you see running round town look just the same.

  • Had a good ol rummage around the house last night and found my ipod touch! Will now use this as it's much smaller. Looking now for an ipod touch armband.. :)

  • I googled my phone and found many offered. I got the cheapest, something like £3.99 including some little ear buds which fell apart very quickly. The arm band seemed ok though, but I quickly moved over to a running belt from SD, the arm band made my arm sore...if it was me I would get a cheap one and see if I get on with it...

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